Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Number 3

Being an international blog sensation throughout Saudi Arabia and Singapore, it should come as no surprise that I am a much sought-after reviewer of musicals.  I suppose it has a great deal to do with my well-documented knowledge of Broadway and show tunes in particular.

Or it could just be that the people from Hairspray pretty much invited every blogger throughout the Chicagoland area to review their show.

Regardless, I love free things.  So I first tried to get my husband to come with me.  He's not exactly a theatre geek, so selling him on a musical about a chubby Baltimore high schooler as she helps desegregate a 1960s dance show with her drag queen mother by her side was harder than you'd think. At the end of the day, Joe got out of it with a work call.

I had to move on to the next warm body.

Atheist Friend was teed up. I figured it was a good way to thank her for cleaning out my microwave on a weekly basis (have I mentioned she's a tad Type A?). She initially agreed, but wasn't feeling too well by late afternoon. I was now in a pickle, so I turned to my oldest friend and basically begged her to head for my house that exact moment. Jeanette also has GPS in her car. So between that and a working pulse, she was a perfect choice.   

Jeanette figured it all out when she questioned me on her last-minute slot:

I'm your Number 3, aren't I?

Ruh roh.

But Jeanette's always been a good sport. It takes an exceptionally good sport to stay friends with me for almost 30 years.

Jeanette walked into my house an hour later chanting, "I'm number 3!  I'm number 3!" 

The musical was a ton of fun (no pun), and we even got to attend the "press party" afterwards where we loaded up on free shrimp and cocktails.  I kicked myself for not bringing a few Ziploc baggies to smuggle out some chocolate chip cookies for the kids' lunches that week.

Anyway, be sure to read my review in Chicago Parent tomorrow. And thank you, Jeanette, for being the best Number 3 a girl could ever have.

Jeanette and I at her wedding shower 15 years ago when we still had hair, youth, and muscle tone.


  1. You've got THREE friends? Talk about greedy.
    Gorgeous photo, nineties nostalgia...

  2. Did I even make the top 5?????
    Perhaps, I don't really want to know the answer.

  3. Love that you didn"t have to play it off like you found out last minute as well. I also love how your nylons photographed!

  4. wow......first the Wall Street Journal, then the Beverly Review now this.... soon you'll be chatting on The View or walking the Red carpet with the Donny Man at the Oscars. Just don't go on the Maury show ok?

  5. I love Hairspray. I was a huge fan of the John Waters film back in the day. I know what it feels like to be #3. My dad is dating right now and he bought a bunch of tickets to shows and concerts. When he doesn't have a real date, he takes me or my sister. But let's be honest, he likes me better so I'm totally #2. I got to see Stomp on Friday night. It was amazing.

  6. Julie - I pay them well.

    Missy - You know you're always #1 in my book, old baker-of-cookies.

    Andrea - The 90s were a very shiny time.

    Maplewood - I will never forget you, MBF. No Maury. Swear.

    Ali - I wanted to see Stomp but I couldn't talk Joe into it. Fuddy duddy.

  7. My husband kept telling me he'd like to go to the plays/performances that I normally go with my (gay)brother to. So, last year I took him.
    Hated it.
    What a great friend that she celebrates being number 3.

  8. Love the pic! LOVE the red dress! Lookin hot!

    Anywhere in the top 5 is perfectly acceptable.

  9. Hey, I didn't get an invite and I'm a Chicago blogger. Guess me and my little old blog is just not on the radar yet ...