Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Haven't Done a Headcount Yet

Due to the number of home break-ins and burglaries in my 'hood over the last month, I was a little hesitant to announce publicly that we were leaving town for Florida.  I don't own a cool iPhone or laptop, so blogging while on the road was impossible. But holy crapola, do I have some great material for you now.

It all stems mostly from the fact that we drove.

18 hours.

In the smelly minivan.

With 3 boys.

And my grumpy husband.

He's still sleeping right now, snoring away after a 5 am return this morning.  I'm trying to type very quietly because the guy needs some rest.  A rough patch through Georgia where traffic was at a standstill for 2 hours yesterday nearly killed him.  Joe's comment?

I love going ZERO on the f*ckin' highway.  This is better than "Cats."

So thank you for your patience, loyal reader.  Once I get some more sleep and a couple of Red Bulls in me, I'll be sure to share our grand adventures of flipped-over over cars, a plane crashing into a local Florida grocery store, and the fact that we accidentally chose the "Shark Bite Capital of the World" to go swimming.

You really couldn't expect a seamless vacation, right?  That would never do. 

Not when there's a blog to write.


  1. Oh, nooooo! You drove right past me, well, if you went 85 through Atlanta and into the 'burbs. I would have been happy to throw some adult refreshments your way. Yes, traffic was horrific yesterday. Spring Break is ending and everyone was heading home in time for Easter... Everyone in metro Atlanta has the same break so traffic is atrocious heading South on the first weekend and heading north on the second! Glad you made it safely. We do 18+ hour drives pretty regularly... And feel your pain!

  2. oh...nice try Missy....we all know you were one of the winners of the Mega millions game and you flew off to the Riviera with who else, but Donny boy. You're probably right now in Palm Springs, laying poolside with a nice cool Bud.

    Am I right?

  3. I am sure before it is over you won't be able to write all of these wonderful adventures fast enough. I can't drive that long and not with a man, for sure. There would be violence, but probably a good blog post out of it.

    And if you really did win the Mega Millions, I think I might be your long, lost cousin...

  4. Sounds like so much fun. hehe. Especially the stinky boys.

  5. Wow, the trouble you and your family went through to provide fodder for your blog...that is dedicatin woman! A traffic jam so early in the return trip...i'd have needed a sedative!

  6. cannot wait to hear about the vacation!!!! drink an extra red bull and get to it!!!

    ps-- we missed you!!

  7. Whew! sounds as if it is a good thing you made it back alive!

  8. Yikes! I'm glad you made it back in one piece!

  9. Jennifer - I'm so sorry we missed you! GA traffic SUCKS!!

    Maplewood - You know I'd cut you in for some, right?

    Crack - I knew we were related, 'cept you have better grammar.

    Skwishee - That Joe is a funny guy!

    Jewels - I brought 2 car air fresheners.

    Andrea - Way ahead of ya!

    MOV - Working on it!

    Jenny - Apparently my family smells mean - no shark in sight.

    Stephanie - "one piece" can be subjective....