Monday, April 30, 2012

All Sorts of Big News

Did I tell you guys that CNN called?  Yup.  Because my blogs about thrift store shopping, minivans, and fish tacos are apparently the stuff of ratings gold.  A producer from Anderson Cooper's daytime television program phoned after the big Wall Street Journal story (the one where you could see my fat rolls) and asked if my sister and I would be willing to fly to New York the very next week.  I naturally consented (thinking I could also pop in and see my old NY buddies).  I was sworn to absolute secrecy by the producer and I readily agreed.

So when we got bumped for "real" stories about civil unrest and economic turmoil, I received the garden variety brush-off I used to give people when I worked:

"We'll definitely keep your file should anything else come up."

I knew what that meant.  So in lieu of waiting for hell to freeze over for another chance to exchange emails and witty repartee with CNN, I'm spilling the beans.  You read it right: sis and I nearly landed a spot in a fancy NY studio drinking coffee with the Silver Fox.  Although I can't help but think that Anderson may be more of an herbal tea drinker.  The man doesn't have pores. 

To recap, my list of almost-famous opportunities:
  • The Darvin Furniture Commercial
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Near-CNN appearance
  • Chicago Parent Magazine (sexy page 105)
With these kinds of credentials, you'd think I'd be able to crack that last great beacon of editorial prestige and journalistic integrity:

The Beverly Review.

My future brother-in-law, John, has been hounding the Beverly Review to do a nice write-up about a certain Red Bull guzzling, hockey-bag toting mom blogger that is yours truly.  They graciously declined.  About a hundred times.

Until last month:

For all those wonderful people who voted for me during the Circle of Moms competition, I truly appreciate it.  It was only because of your efforts that I finally landed in "The Review."  I can die happy now.

If you read the article, you'll note that a future, yet-unnamed book is currently under development.  I am doing this with my cyberbuddy, MOV over at

The book is going to take up a lot of time over the next month, so outside of my weekly Chicago Parent blogs, I fear I may be out of pocket for a little while.  I hope you will forgive me.  And if I ever do land on CNN, I will be sure to thank each and every one of my fans by name.  That's right. 

All 12 of you.


  1. All 108 of us, Marianne... there's 108 of us.

    Happy writing!

  2. I am so sorry that you got bumped! They just don't know what they are missing. Really! It is their loss.

  3. AWESOME for you Marianne! (and MOV) Great thoughts going your way. ;)

  4. Cool. I love Anderson Cooper and would love having my name dropped! ;)You deserve all the accolades you get.
    And, civil unrest? Really? That bumps mommy-bloggers? Whatever.

  5. where do I begin? I knew this would happen. Soon you'll be featured on the news program called, "Inside Edition" with Deborah Norville. Then we'll be seeing you with Danny boy competing on "Dancing With The Stars" and maybe even "Survivor" eating worms, no,strike that, I somehow don't think you'll ever eat worms........and us which I'm a proud member, are we like your disciples? Do I now have to give up my job an start selling pencils at Midway? Maybe you could build us a commune in Beverly Park and we can all sit around, saying things like "far out", "dude" and "I'm hip". And when you go on the talk show circuit we can all tag along and chant, mmmmmmmm....aaaaaaa...riiiiii....aaaaaaaaannnnnneeee....
    mmmmmmmm....aaaaaaa...riiiiii....aaaaaaaaannnnnneeee....But if you really, really want to be launched into the world of stardom...I'll gladly interview you for my blog....then you'll be really, really famous.

  6. you almost got closer to AC than most people almost ever will! Much continued success to you, friend!

  7. Woo-hoo! You are moving and shaking! I can't wait for the book...I will wait, but I won't enjoy the wait!

  8. Awesome, congrats!

    I have a major man-crush on Anderson Cooper, since his days hosting my favorite reality show "The Mole."

  9. Skwishee - Not really. I made most of those other profiles up. Don't tell anyone.

    esbboston - See above.

    KAT - From your lips....

    JR - Yes. Good thoughts. Send LOTS of good thoughts. My brain is cramping so I could use the help.

    Jewels - Tell me about it. Stupid civil unrest.

    Maplewood - Ok - you totally got me to laugh aloud with this comment. I particularly enjoyed the chanting. And yes. I think the disciple thing sounds splended. No purple Koolaid, I promise.

    Kelly - Thank you! And right back atchya.

    Andrea - Thank you - put I suddenly have writers' block! Performance anxiety? UGH!!

    Julie - Oh, Julie - you know you're much higher than that with me!

    Itsadomelife - Thank you! Hopefully, my husband will still be speaking to me after it's published?

    Youngman Brown - To paraphrase Kathy Griffin, we all kinda want Anderson. I've still got my Vanity Fair with him on the cover around here somewhere, like under my pillow.

  10. Humble Harriet,
    Your back in the will provided you become famous.........Ah, no strings attached.

  11. wait, we're writing a book together? do I know about it?

    just kidding! can't wait to get it finished! :)

  12. Remember you absolutely must do the next book with me which we have discussed before. Coffee table books with big glossy pictures can't be that hard, right?

    Oh Dad. Did you just make a Will joke? Please tell me I'm still in someone's. Hardy Har Har.

    Great job Mar! I'm so proud of you. Although I have a sneaking suspicion Dad called the producers and cancelled our gig when he was recruited for babysitting duties. Ha!



  13. YOU ARE SO COOL. Super jelous.