Friday, April 27, 2012

The Journey of a Thousand Fish Tacos

Since the family returned from Florida earlier this month, I have been obsessed with fish tacos.  The ones we consumed nightly while on vacation left an indelible mark.  Our usual eating habits typically border on the sophomoric, so it was quite unusual for both Joe and I to be salivating over the somewhat healthy combination of grilled fish, cabbage, avocado, and onions.

Baffling, I know.

Joe, being the ever-vigilant foodie that he is, decided we should make it our life's mission to find a place in Chicago that could duplicate our Florida experience. 

I calculated that it took Odysseus 10 years to meet his goal.  Surely Joe and I were way more on the ball than that guy.  Plus, we had the internet.

First up was Carbon:

Parking was a bitch, the place was jam packed, and the fish was fried.  I would have wept in my Diet Coke had it not been for the fantastic pineapple salsa which made everything a little bit better. 

I was ready to throw in the towel after only our first disappointment (so much for a great epic struggle of will and determination). Thankfully, Joe has a much stronger disposition, and he encouraged us to trudge on. 

So we did. And I'll be sure to highlight that experience for you tomorrow because lately, I'm totally into the cliffhanger. It's Who Shot JR? all over again.  I wonder if that makes me Sue Ellen?

Next up: You guessed it.  More fish tacos. 


  1. I have never had a fish taco, now I am curious. I am always trying to find the perfect sour cream chicken enchilada. Now I think I have influenced my wife towards the ame goal, as that is what she sucessfully made last night. Only se used aLL the salsa in the house making the meal so there was no salsa for chips. We aLL must suffer sometimes...

  2. They are delicious. For us, definitely a restaurant order because the kids wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole!

  3. Come visit us in California- My husband is a fisherman (well actually he is a general contractor, but fisherman on the side)
    When the fish are biting, and he is slaying it out in the water we try to have Taco Tuesdays with our friends. Margaritas and Fish Tacos.
    Are you booking your plane tickets yet?
    We have a spare room........;)
    Glad you discovered fish tacos!

  4. An alternative that is fantastic: get the cajun shrimp salad from County Fair's deli, heat tortillas and fill with the shrimp salad and sliced fresh good

  5. 'Carbon' is a very unfortunate name for a restaurant.
    What sort of fish do the Tacos have in them?
    they sound yummy but I always get annoyed with Tacos - so messy. One bite and it's all over - everything.

  6. I too know the fish taco journey. My wife and I had amazing fish tacos in Mexico on vacation once and have never found their equal. However the journey is just as fun.

  7. So now I am hanging on the edge of my seat ... and it's tomorrow already! So where is that fish taco take two post? Because now you have me craving a fish taco and now I need to know where to send my husband out to to get me that amazing fish taco!!!



  8. I order fish tacos everywhere. So far I like Big Star in Wicker Park (1500 N. Damen). I go to the take out window (cash only) because I am too impatient to wait for a table. Good guac too, (but not as good as Chilapan, Western and Armitage). You could check these out when you go to Cemitas Pueblas. Bring Mar and we'll do a Northside Mexican/Wedding powwow.


  9. esbboston - You've hinted at the ending to our search. Sometimes, it's just better to do things yourself.

    Ali - I'm with ya. I can barely get my kids to eat hot dogs.

    JR - We've just landed. Now what's your address? (;

    Carlotta - Ooooh. That sounds good - I'll let the chef know.

    Julie - I think it's pronounced Car-BONE, but I don't know if that makes it any more appetizing? Some things that are messay are worth it. But then again, I suppose that's how I got into this whole motherhood gig.

    Husblog - Yeah, but the journey isn't doing my arse any good. ):

    Linda - SORRY! I got delayed today - post is up!

  10. believe it or not, one of the best fish tacos in the city is at the snack stand at the DIversey driving range. Taco Joint ceviche taco is pretty memorable as well. ;-)