Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Real Slim Shady?

I love people who notice things.  I don't notice anything, which is why I often find myself stepping in puddles and falling in ditches.

During my sister-in-law's engagement party this past weekend (more on that later), a family member noticed a baby picture cut out from a magazine hanging on my bulletin board.  She zoned in on this one scrap of paper buried under a mountain of school notices, invitations, business cards, and kiddie artwork.  She wondered who the child was.  He looked familiar, but not completely.

That's when my husband explained how I had flipped through a People Magazine a few years ago and nearly suffered a heart attack when I saw a picture of my son Jack in the publication.  But it wasn't Jack.  It was actually a baby photo of rapper Eminem.  At the time, Jack was his spitting image with the same curly blond hair and impish grin.

Joe's cousin marveled at the similarities and posted a picture on Facebook.  I could probably find more pics where the likeness is even more evident, but I'm just too lazy to go through all the photo albums.  Hence, I defer to cousin Peg's original photograph:

Let's just hope my sweet Jack doesn't have the same mommy issues as Eminem.  Perhaps I ought to ease up on all these music lessons after all?


  1. love it! I also clipped out random photos from magazines of boys that happened to look like Tall. (have not seen any model kids that look like Short however) Tall had a mop of cascading curls that I was wary to cut for fear they would not grow back in. I was right. It is weird when you see a child in a photo and he could be your kid's twin. :)


  2. Luckily none of your boys look like Eminem now. Yuck. Hope you had a fun party!

  3. Ha! Too cute. I really like Eminem. Is it embarrassing for a grown woman to admit that?

    (And also, I LOVE your blogger avatar. We used to call the fisher price people "Guys", as in "Let's play with the Guys!". I thought that was their official name until well into adulthood.)

  4. I like Eminem too.
    Marianne just don't ever let him 'Clean out his closet'...

  5. MOV - it broke my heart when Jack got his little curls snipped, never to be seen again. ):

    Ali - Here's hoping! And thanks!

    Stephanie - It's not embarassing, I've got a couple of CDs in the minivan that I have turn down the volume as certain words come up. We called Little People "guys," too! I like to line them up and look at them. Does that make me crazy? Don't answer that.

    Julie - HA!!