Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If Kids Ruled the World

The boys' cardboard Christmas house finally met its demise yesterday due to a partial roof-collapse.  Yet I had to take a few final pictures of the clubhouse that best captured the priorities of little boys: 

Geez, my kids really like rules and free things.  I have no idea where they get it.


  1. It is Wednesday, so is it safe to assume I can bring my kids to your house for dinner?

  2. Cardboard houses are the best. I remember the feeling of being little and my parents getting a new appliance. My mother would be overjoyed that she had a working stove, and I was overjoyed that I had a 'new home'.A new Refrigerator? Even better! For mom it meant an icemaker and water out of the door, and for me.... a mansion worthy of MTV cribs!

    No Smoking and Kids eat free......Hmmm Future restaurant owners????? Just don't let them give away to much for free, they need to make a profit ;)
    Cute picture! I love kids creative play. It's priceless.

  3. Free pie. That pretty much sums it up. Last year I asked Ryan what he and his friend talked about at lunch. His answer: Pie. I asked why. And he said (very matter of factly) "Because it's delicious.) Oh.

  4. Oh, I miss this! My boys loved nothing better than a box with window cutouts and scenery drawn on. Mine weren't clever enough to advertise free pie, but that didn't keep me from hanging out in the box.

  5. JR - we'll work on their capitalistic tendencies soon. And yes..I think we eat out too much. Boxes do rule.

    Anonymous - for what? Where you a mean girl from jr. high? I forgive you. As long as you got really fat and now understand the hurt you caused others. Now go say some Hail of Marys and sin no more.

    Ali - I don't get it. Pie is the new Pokemon. Who knew?

    Tina - you just gave me an idea. Next time we get a box, I'm hiding in there. They'll NEVER find me. Thank you!

  6. It's good to see your kids will be advocates for social injustice and won't be politicians.

  7. Julie - from your lips to God's ears....

    MOV - Thanks!

  8. 'Be awere of Joey'
    The writing on the sides is my favorite part.