Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why McDonald's is Important

First of all, I want to again thank Becky Healy for dropping everything on a dime to take some photographs of the family this weekend.  I needed to turn something over to Chicago Parent Magazine and I was close to panicking.  It is such an honor to live in a neighborhood with so much talent, genuine kindness, and real generosity of spirit. 

The photo shoot was pretty painless.  There was that one awkward moment when Becky asked that I brush away some stray hairs from my face.

My hair is baby fine.  There is no brushing away anything.  In order to sustain any type of style in the great outdoors, I have to refrain from washing my hair days in advance and then completely shellac every last strand.  Total and complete helmet head. 

I was basically a walking carcinogen from the neck up.

Of course Becky has the cutest mop of natural blond curls in the world.  It just makes all of us stick-straight rejects want to drown ourselves in our hairspray.  Not that I'm bitter or anything. 

Anyway, here are a few examples of the great talent that is Becky.  The boys detest having their pictures taken with a passion.  Yet they all reluctantly went along with the program after Shamrock Shakes were promised to any cooperative boy. 

Thank you, Golden Arches!

I had to laugh at my husband's cousin Mary Jo. She commented that nowhere in the history of their entire family has any male member been known to wear a sweater vest.

Just mixing things up, I suppose.

Be sure to check out next month's Chicago Parent Magazine. I will be the one bearing a striking resemblance to Tammy Faye Baker.


  1. Aww, your boys are so darn cute!

    Great photos. :)

  2. Was that awkward? :) Come on, your hair always looks so cute...and you are going too far with the description of mine, which for the record, also looks better after a few days of not being washed.

    And it was my pleasure to take those pictures! Anytime!

  3. what beautiful boys! great pics! (be honest-- were they covered in mud 10 minutes after photos were over? please say yes, makes me feel better about my own hooligans).


  4. Lily - Thank you! I of course am a tad biased.

    No Way - thanks for trying to make me feel better, Golidlocks. And no, it was only awkward in my head, which makes for blog material. (:

    MOV - Shoes: TOTALLY covered in mud, and Joey did fall over some rocks and got his white turtleneck completely filthy. But we knew that was going to happen, right?

  5. Great pictures! Handsome boys. Our last family photo was while visiting my in-laws in Florida. Great, until my 5 year old was attacked by Fire Ants!! Bribery is important in any group photo.

    There should be a chapter dedicated to bribery in all Child Rearing books. Do you think McDonald's knows of it's power?

    Congrats again on the need for your photo session!