Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forget the Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

I thought I'd do my part to spread the word about the White Sox upcoming "Peanut-Controlled" zone on April 17. 

In case you're wondering, yes, I am blatantly trying to curry favor with the allergy crowd I pissed off with my blog on the ongoing vilification of candy in the Chicago Public School System. So have a read on the details below:

CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox will host a “Peanut-Controlled Zone” on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 7:10 p.m. against the Baltimore Orioles.

To provide fans who suffer from severe peanut allergies with the safest environment possible, no peanuts, nor anything containing peanuts, will be allowed or sold in three reserved sections of the Club Level at U.S. Cellular Field. The concession stands closest to those special sections will not sell peanuts and the area will be meticulously cleaned and inspected prior to the game.

Photo Credit: Ron Vesely © Chicago White Sox

“This is another example of us responding to fan feedback,” said Brooks Boyer, White Sox senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Hopefully, some of our fans and families who typically could not attend a White Sox home game due to potential allergic reactions will be able to enjoy an evening of White Sox baseball at U.S. Cellular Field.”

The tickets are specially priced at $36.50 and include $10 in “Bonus Bux” that can be used to buy food and beverage at any permanent club level concession stand. There are approximately 200 seats available, so fans are encouraged to order tickets early.

For the least peanut-exposed path to the game, the club suggests entering through the Chicago Sports Depot near Gate 5 on the north side of 35th Street. From the second level exit of the store, escalators lead up to a bridge over the street which ends at the Club Level concourse.

Fans interested in purchasing tickets and seating in the peanut-free section should email or call Dustin Milliken at or (312) 674-5186.


  1. I am like such a chicken....but I did beat a 7yr. old in a race today (see blog). I'm waiting to see where this post is heading before making any comments.

    I wish they'd add Budweiser to the allergy list. I could never stomach that ale. In fact it makes me...ok, I'll stop, this is a classy blog.

  2. Marianne, please stop by my blog and pick up your award. ♥

  3. even get awards? So will we see you walking on the red carpet tonight? I can picture it now....Donny Osmond is at the podium ...."and receiving the award for the best ever written blog in the country, world, universe and Alsip for WE BAND OF Marianne!!!!" and the crowd goes wild!!!! The camera zooms to Meg hugging me ...ok sorry, I better stop, this is your blog.

    All I get is a lousy medal.

  4. I have held onto a peanut allergy kiddo while the epi-pen went into his leg, but have to admit that I can still see both sides of the mess. I just don't understand how it has become so rampant and out of control! I know people who start to puff up just from breathing in peanut dust air (one mentioned the ballpark as a specific place he's noticed it)...they probably will stay home from the game, but it sure is an interesting effort!

  5. Maplewood - A Bud-Free zone??? My husband would leave me. Blasphemous talk in the house of Walsh. Great climb today! Got a big kick out of the blog.

    KAT - will do! Thank you!!

    Maplewood - I've got the ball gown ready to go. I think God is rewarding me for dragging the kids to church for Ash Wednesday.

    Andrea - I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I can't even imagine a world where peanut dust could kill my kid. What is up with all these allergies and autism rates? Things seem to have gone bonkers and nobody seems to have the explanation. Very frustrating. Thanks for posting.

  6. Not having any kids with allergies, I don't have to deal with the day to day problems it presents. We have many 'peanut-free' classrooms at school, but I never thought about a ball game. Good for them for being aware and doing something about it.

  7. I asked Brooks Boyer out my freshman year in college. Damn, I shoulda tried harder...

  8. Sara S. - HA! That is too funny...what are the odds? Brooks' loss!