Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Member of the Club

I've got a baby shower this weekend that I'm really excited about.  It will be a grateful reprieve from laundry and driving children around the greater Chicagoland area.

It kind of feels like my birthday.

Of course, there will be no time to either dye my hair or pick up a baby gift beforehand.

So I will be attending with grey roots, a check, and a Happy Bar Mitzvah card.

I feel it will help provide a glimpse into my friend's future life of motherhood: ill-prepared, scattered, and poorly groomed.  I'll hold off on the hemorrhoids conversation for another day.


  1. Who's baby shower? Is she having a girl? I am looking for someone to give baby girl clothes to.

  2. and don't tell her about the odd places and/or times that children like to vomit. I'll bet that would be an interesting post. The stories I could tell. lol.....often times, we like to remind our adult children of the lovely places and times they decided to upchuck their Gerber times.

  3. Carlotta - It's one of my friends from Aon. She is having a girl, so I'm sure she'd appreciate anything you'd pass along!

    Maplewood - Don't even get me started on vomit. I could devote 1/2 the blog to vomiting stories. erg.

  4. Not to mention you can just kiss the body you once had goodbye. Not only will it never look as good, it will never work right again.

  5. love this post! so true!


  6. Anonymous - I'm with you. I pee myself.

    SF - Ha!

    MOV - thanks, buddy!