Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pick Your Prom Date, Bloggers!

The organized Virgo over at Mothers of Brothers Blog has suggested that all of our procrastinating Leap Blog friends select their guest bloggers ASAP.  Like now.

If you wanted to peruse your options a day or two longer, have a look at the list of writers to choose from by clicking over to this page.  There are also a few more over on this site, too.

As a recap of the BIG day (February 29th), the gals over at Just Inappropriate, Southern Fried Children, and Mothers of Brothers Blog and I totally pulled an event out of our collective arses where bloggers are invited to guest post on other people's sites.  It introduces writers to a whole new audience, and it gets the host blogger off the hook for having to write something new that day. 

A total win-win if you ask me. 

People have asked how to contact their desired guest writer, and the best way is to just post a comment on the person's site. 

Also, the nice southern lady who hates for anyone to feel unloved or left out has asked that you email her if you have not been invited to guest-post.  Be careful.  She might adopt you.  Her email is: 

In my usual laissez faire style of not actually being required to work for an entire week, please feel free to consider guest-posting on this site.  I'm going rogue and extending Leap Blog Day for an entire week.  I've already selected 2 writers, but I've got 5 spots to fill.  My only caveats:
  • Nothing political
  • Nothing mean 
The first 5 bloggers who are interested in posting here and who can correctly answer this question by emailing me at get the spots:

What 1970s variety-show God is my one, true love?

Thank you to everyone who has signed up and here's hoping for an awesomely crazy and  disorganized day!  This is going to be fun!

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