Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big News Coming Soon!

I got the best news yesterday!

I am so ridiculously excited!

And I want to share it all with you!

But I've got to get Joey to skating, Danny to piano, and Jack to violin all within the next hour.

These kids really muck up my Saturday mornings.

So consider this a teaser.*  Or another example of how children keep you from doing what you want. 

And, they make you fat.

To Be Continued.....

*Feel free to guess on the comments section...I love to see what other people define as "good news."


  1. You've won a visit from a professional organizer?

  2. Johnny Depp called you and accepted your lunch invite?

    You won the Nobel for Best Blog?

    The Southside Parade has been canceled?

    You got the ok from your doctor to run the Chicago Marathon with me?

  3. Is it an attachment to the wall of your ________ with an arrival slated for August/September?

  4. You're finally gonna get on twitter? That would probably just be good news for me.

  5. Knocked up? Movie rites have been bought to your life and you're being played by Julia Roberts? Turning Mormon and picking up extra husbands? And Donny Osmond has agreed to be one of the extras? Lifetime supply of shoes provided by...some fancy shoe provider?

  6. Skwishee - that would be the best news ever!

    Maplewood - close, but no cigar. And did I mention you're crazy re: the Marathon?

    esbboston - No, unless medical science fails me.

    Ali - One day. One day. I promise.

    Peter - Donny? Oh how I love Donny, but he won't return my crazy-stalker calls. ):

    Skwishee - Do you think he's avoiding me?

    Erica - fabulous guesses, but no. Big reveal soon!