Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True Romance

Like most women, my romantic past is a bit sorted.  There were great guys, middle-of-the-road guys, and guys who were all wrong but looked really cute in leather jackets.  Yet right before I met my husband, I took a vow to never ever fall for "Romantic Guy" again.

Romantic Guy is the man who has perfected the art of making women swoon.  He is poetry and roses.  He is chivalrous.  Gallant even.  He is hard to resist because he feeds into a woman's desire for Hollywood romance and utter adoration.

Of course, Romantic Guy typically has the attention span of a flea.  He tends to leave women sobbing in their lattes once his attention turns to the next best thing.

After one such relationship, I swore to my girlfriends that I didn't want to waste another moment with Romantic Guy. Instead, I longed for "Thick & Thin Guy." 

Thick & Thin Guy stands by his gal in good times and in bad.  He cares as much for her when she's a size 16 as he did when she was an 8.  He is loyal, committed, and has never written a poem because he thinks only sissies do that.

I met and married Thick & Thin Guy.  Life with my husband is not perfect, but it is pretty darn nice.  I never doubt his love for his family, and he is the only man who has figured out that it's better to make me laugh than to do battle when I'm "in a mood."

You girls know what I'm talking about it.

Yet there are occasional moments where I wish he'd appear with flowers for no reason.  Or write more than simply "Love, Joe" on a card.  I mean, would it kill him to throw a girl a compliment now and then?

And just as the universe has always done, it gently rapped me on the head as Joe surprised me with this Valentine's Day gift over the weekend:

I have been using a stiff old kitchen chair at my computer desk for years.  I have a horrible back and even worse posture, so to finally have a seat with proper support and a comfy cushion is like heaven. 

Apparently, Thick & Thin Guy has a little bit of Romantic Guy in him after all.  It just took me 10 years to figure it out.


  1. That is a great chair! Sometimes romance comes in the form of knowing us well!

  2. Very sweet thought Joe Walsh!! I, on the other hand, do get flowers every Valentines Day. I think though its to make up for Tim being out of the country. However, this year he's actually in the U.S. and spent five minutes this morning to celebrate Valentine's Day before heading to Memphis!! I guess he didnt feel quite as bad seeing he's closer. This year's flowers, were brown on the outer petals. But it's the thought and I do love them (and am used to spending my valentines alone).

  3. I'm a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy. I don't believe in made up holidays...or being nice and loving on Valentine's day, Sweetest day, the Christmas holidays. No..if you truly love someone and care for them, EVERY day you should care and treat them with the respect they deserve. Besides the work outside the house, I help with the laundry, dishes,cooking etc. I don't believe in cards either. I once told my wife, "I'm not spending $5 on a card so you can read what someone else wrote." No, Love means showing it.

  4. BTW...I must be a sissie because I like to write poetry. Is it wrong? lol

  5. That's totally sweet. :)

    Now I have chair envy. :) I'm on a chair we got ten years ago at the grocery store for $10.99; needless to say, it has not held up well.

    (Got your note: you're very welcome, and yes, I would totally teach you to sew!)

  6. Awesome gift! Thick and thin guy obviously has a bit of romantic in him.

  7. Kelly - he knows me better than myself sometimes.

    Robyn - I'm so sorry you are on your own so much. I wish I could talk you into moving to Beverly. We'd get into soooo much trouble...

    Maplewood - I know, I know. But at least Valentine's Day is an excuse to get a little amped up version of romance. I like it. And the other stuff, too. Oh...and I won't tell the rest of the Chicago Police Dept. that they've got a poetry-writing sissy on the department if you won't tell all the other English Majors that I read the Enquirer. Deal?

    Skwish - I'd say it's time for a new chair! Glad you got the note - I so love my ornaments. (:

    Jewel - you wouldn't think it, but it's definitely there.

  8. A man who paid attention to something you needed!
    Tops flowers and poems for sure!
    Nice Chair ;)

  9. Yay for thick and thin guy!
    Romantic guy is too good with women to stick with one (it's not his fault).
    But when we get older we know eh? We know that real romance is caring, that's lovely. My thick and thin guy gave me a guitar (he noticed my interest in fiddling with my son's) for my birthday last year and I cried tears of joy - he got me something

  10. As I tell your sister every time I see her, I love you. You know what it's about, gurlfwend. I have been there and done that with "Romantic Guy" and I now vomit at any pathetic swoony word that emerges from their dreadful orifice. (Any dreadful orifice really). I would like a thick and thin guy, who is a man that works hard for those that he loves and is there no matter what. I don't require candy, flowers, or a kind word. I require loyalty.


  11. JR - thank you! I think I want to be buried in my chair.

    Julie - Thank goodness for age and wisdom to teach this stuff. I'm so relieved I didn't get married in my 20's - it took time to appreciate the Thick & Thin guys of the world.

    Victoria - Amen, sister. And Thick & Thin guy is not always easy to spot. Take your time. Look hard. Thanks for reading!