Sunday, February 19, 2012

Howling at the Moon

Every year, my husband and I have a standing date with friends of ours for the weekend after Valentine's Day.  The husband is a Chicago policeman and all-around great guy.  The wife is a former (and soon-to-be-returning) flight attendant who looks like a cuter version of Miranda from Sex in the City.  We always wonder why don't try to get together more, but then we remember: kids.

With the big date night looming, I couldn't wait to put on my fancy new JC Penney dress, a pair of Spanx, and the sparkly shoes that normally take up residence next to my Brian Urlacher football in the closet.  I even went to Super Cuts and busted out a box of Miss Clairol to finally get rid of my greys.

I looked hot.

After dinner, we decided to head over to a dueling piano bar (Howl at the Moon) where we sang along to a wide variety of songs at the top of our lungs.  I was very impressed when my husband was one of a handful of people who actually knew the words to the seemingly obscure Unicorn Song - click link, it's as ridiculously fun as it sounds.   

Anyway, the point of this essay is that a gal sometimes needs a night out on the town with great friends and sparkly shoes.  Do with that what you will, and please consider something along this vein next time you're at the department store:

My Singing Shoes
I got like 50 compliments from girls who were fetuses when I was in high school.  Sparkly shoes apparently transcend the generations, much like the band Journey.


  1. congrats on a fun evening with sparkley shoes and good friends (and hopefully wine)!

    I think you will like this poem written by the blogger "viewsfromnature":

    “Excuse me,” he says with a sexy grin. “I think you dropped this.” He offers up her silver stiletto. Cindy boldly checks him out.

    “No,” she says coyly. “I left it for you.”



  2. Do you think those shoes will look ok with my yoga pants? Sounds like a great night out!

  3. I'll tell him the next time I see hime.

  4. Dueling Piano bars are the best- especially when you try to stump them with requests. Nothing like a Piano Bar version of Gangster Rap!
    Love your sparkly shoes!!! Getting dressed up once in a while is the BEST!! And when you can add sparkle? GREAT! I sometimes try to slip in some glitter body lotion that I steal from my daughter, but then I remember I am not 13.
    And get this, I had to go to a Banquet Dinner for my husbands Anglers Club last night. Kid you not, I went to JC Penney(wound up not buying anything,only exchanging sons jeans, but it was my first stop) then to beauty supply to get hair dye to cover the bit of Grey that I have just started with.Then we met another couple, whom we meet every year,at the banquet and started out our night. If the hubby and I had went out afterwards to a dueling piano bar, I would ALMOSt think we were cosmic sisters!
    Next date night, we can compare notes. ;)
    Again, cute shoes!!!

  5. The Unicorn Song is obscure? Not around here! I'm glad you had fun...Peg

  6. Don't stop...believing....



  7. Out on the town - what's that? Gorgeous shoes. What a lovely night, I miss all that.

  8. MOV - Thanks and I love the new blog! I'm glad you're doing it. (:

    Andrea - I think these shoes go with ANYTHING. They bring out the inner diva in all of us.

    SF - Where did you go?? Your coconut cake awaits.

    JR - I think we ARE cosmic sisters! And glitter body lotion??? Why didn't I think of that??!

    Peg - I know, I know. I'm learning!

    Meg - I won't...faithfully!

    Julie - promise me you'll try to soon...totally recharges your batteries!

  9. How true! My 17 year old son knows more about Journey than I do! I love it when he turns on music because I remember when they were new LOL

  10. My Garden Blue - Journey = best band EVER as far as I'm concerned.