Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Shoot

To all those who speculated that my good news might be baby #4, nice try.  Unfortunately, I am hermetically sealed.  But given my history of hyperfertility, I fully expect to be on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" one day, screaming at the doctor, "but I had a tubal!" 

How funny would that be?

I'll give you another hint.  I'm having a photo shoot today!  This is being done mostly because the only pictures I have of me from the last 2 years involve me either (1) wearing pajamas or (2) drunk at an airport bar.  Not really the look I'd be going for relative to my "good news."

Special thanks to photographer extraordinaire and bus stop mom Becky from Early Bird Photo who is going to find all sorts of "kind" angles today to hide my chins and stomach issues.  I think she may have to shoot me from space.

In the meantime, here is the only family photo I have to prove that I actually birthed three children:

Hubby is in there somewhere, looking all cute and firefighty.  Men in uniform are dreamy.

I'm so dead for calling him"dreamy."  Again.


  1. God..I should of taken the Fire exam years ago. I never had any woman swoon over me in my crispy uniform even though I think I'm as cute as a button in it.

  2. love this! don't keep us in the dark about your news any longer!


  3. Maplewood - who are you fooling? Your cripsy attire is just as swoon-worthy!

    Skwishee - Nope, but good guess!

    MOV - Soon, my friend. Soon.

  4. Yaaaaaay! I just saw this post now, and thanks for the link. So is it safe to assume I can post them on my FB page? Because I'm sitting at Starbucks watermarking them right now. So the answer better be yes. :)

  5. No Way - absolutely - watermark away and thanks again!!