Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh Come All Ye Hoarders

Per the usual weekend stops at all of the second hand stores yesterday, I came across a bag of treasures that left me speechless.  The dirty old plastic bag was tossed carelessly on a bottom shelf at the resale shop Bibles for Missions and marked $3.  I quickly grabbed it and ran to the register before anyone could amend the gross negligence of the pricing team.

No, it was not a bag of old coins.

Or a bunch of valuable stamps.

Or even some vintage costume jewelry.

It was better.  Old wooden Christmas ornaments.  I KNOW.

I may be tempted to put the tree up in October this year.

Okay, for those non-holiday junkies out there, let me explain.  I don't hoard in my every day life (outside of vintage Little People and Duplo Legos that is), but Christmas owns me.  Come the Friday after Thanksgiving, my house looks like St. Nick threw up over every square inch.

I can't help it.

And old wooden Christmas ornaments are like my Holy Grail. 

They remind me of all those old Burl Ives Christmas specials.  He went to EIU by the way.  As did Tony Romo.

When I got home and gently cleaned each one, I noticed there were several broken soldier arms and angel wings. Not a problem. Toothpicks and wood glue would do just the trick and keep me up until the wee hours of the morning.  This was love.

I started feeling a little high around midnight.
Bibles for Missions always has the best stuff.  Goodwill and Spree donors tend to be younger, so their stuff rarely falls into the vintage or antique category.  Bibles for Missions attracts grandmas moving into condos and grandpas heading to assisted living.  In some cases, specific instructions are given by the elderly to donate to the shop upon their deaths. 

These ornaments were undoubtedly cherished for many years, and I suppose there is some tragedy in their being cast into a bag and sold to a crazy blog mom for $3.  Yet for whatever reason, I secretly hope that the owners know the vestiges of their youth and own child-rearing years have found a good home.  And in about 40 years or so, my boys will be boxing up my own stuff and commenting:

What was with mom and all the frickin' ornaments, Legos and Little People? 

Hopefully, Bibles for Missions will still by around by then.


  1. If Christmas owns you, then I have something perfect for you!! Can't get myself to toss it in the trash but don't want to hold onto it either. I believe I have found my sucker who will gladly take it!! Just wait until you see it!! Missy

  2. I'm totally with you. I have a few, JUST A FEW, old ornaments from my childhood. The rest were lost. I've been scouring Ebay for a good lot of flocked ornaments for a few weeks. If I get a good enough one we're putting up a brand new Retro tree to go along with the regular one.

  3. I love going into a second hand shop and making a good score-there is definitely a real thrill to it.
    Though typing that out right now makes me feel like an old, old man.

  4. Good for you! That really is the deal of the century!!

  5. Ali - I'm a sucker for certain nostalgic items from my childhood. I'll keep an eye out for you during my weekend excursions! Let me know if there's anything specific you're looking for.

    Gweenbrick - It's not like we have rock hard abs anymore - if second hand shops fill that void, so be it. It's all about readjusting what makes us happy. (: At least that's what I keep trying to tell myself.

    Homemade Mother - Thanks & great blog! You're an inspiration to the processed food variety mother here. Something to aim for! Baby steps.