Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Skating by on Good Humor?

The first day of CPS knocked me on my ass. Joey's not-so-magic school bus failed to show up until after school already started. When I called the bus company to complain, I was advised that they had over 10,000 Chicago Public School kids to manage, so I really needed to relax and lower my expectations as far as a timely pick-up was concerned.

I won't go into my reaction because this is a family blog. My primary emotion was fear: fear of them misplacing my son and offering up a lame consolation:

Well, we got most of the kids home safely, but it's not like anything is 100%.

Anyway, I found a few laughs on the camera of Jack roller skating at his cousin's birthday party.  He skates a thousand times better than I do, so at least all those years of ice hockey were good for something. The Tinley Park roller rink smells exactly the same as it did in 1984 when I used to go as a kid. And as far as I can tell, they have lovingly opted to retain the original carpet from 1978.

A grand time was had and the video made me forget how maddening the school year can be.

I am sure my aggravation will return when the packets of Innisbrook fundraising crap are sent home followed by a walk-a-thon packet and of course a request to purchase tickets to the Wine & Cheese tasting.  My checkbook still hasn't recovered from sponsoring the 10 or so kids I know CPS coerced me into paying for via the over-the-top supply list.  There is just no way one child needs 16 sticks of glue.

Yes, I'm feeling a little bitter* today.  Send chocolate.  Now. 

*Please note that my current bitterness is in no way directed at the wonderful teachers of CPS.  I am extremely grateful for all they do.  They are the sole beacon in this whole wacked out system of lunacy and madness.


  1. Your Smrt! Otherwise your two school teacher brothers and teacher sister-in-law would get you. On second thought you probably wish some one would get you and away from the school bus madness and incompitence. Hang in there and visit the chocolate store or send Joe after the kiddies depart. I would bring chocolate right now if not +1000 miles east of you. H&K

  2. Sending chocolatey thoughts your way. Also booze-ey thoughts. Umbrella drinks or beer? Or maybe just skip all that nonsense and go straight fot the whiskey? These kind of shenanigans call for it. We've been embroiled in school-ey stuff for a few weeks now and I'm definitely feelin the strain of babysittin a 4th grader, raising a 2nd grader and having a 2 month old at home. I could use some booze-ey thoughts myself apparently.

  3. Maybe a lot of the kids snack on glue?

    That school bus thing is crazy.. on what planet does it make *any* sense to schedule a pickup for after school has started?

    I'm really glad our school is across the street. Although... they're starting construction on it this fall, so I may have to take that back.

  4. Anonymous - thank you! Come back soon!

    Erica - I got a Pina Colada with an umbrella waiting for you next time you're in Chicago. Hang in there!

    Skwishee - I cried today. I actually cried. Over a stupid school bus. This is what happens when every school contract in Chicago is based around clout and bureacracy. Hang in there for constuction - at least it will only be temporary!