Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's Hope Chicago Parent Hasn't Actually Read All My Posts

You guys already know I'm a sucker for a good bargain and that I frequent Goodwill and other second-hand stores regularly.  What you perhaps didn't know was that I also love contests.  Drawings.  Raffles.  Anything with a winner.  It's all tied to my gambling issues (which explains why Joe waited 10 years before he finally agreed to take me to Las Vegas).  Of course, the gods and American Airlines were conspiring against us on that one - see The Vegas Chronicles for full disclosure.

So when Chicago Parent Magazine's online webpage sponsored a contest to win a kiddie MP3 Player, I naturally entered.   Wouldn't you know who the big winner was? (hint: she still doesn't know how to program her own iPod).  That's right!  Yours truly.  As I pulled my prize from the envelope, I was giddy.  Stupid giddy.   I-called-my-mom giddy.  Even the salutation mimicked a triumphant slot machine, which is so up my alley:

Here's a picture of my fabulous prize that I'm saving to give to one of the kids for Christmas:

Since I already outed myself on the blog, my chances of a re-gift are shot.

Anyway, when I was first notified via email from the new Digital Content Editor at the magazine, Carrie Kaufman, I got to thinking.  I read Chicago Parent I'm from Chicago.  I'm a parent.  I started wondering if they would possibly be interested in the musings of a lapsed Catholic from the southside of the city with an odd affinity for vintage Little People and Christmas ornaments.  Even as I drafted the email, I assumed I was just too niche for anyone besides my tens of loyal followers.

Well, wouldn't you know?  Ms. Kaufman responded and did the worst possible thing she could do if she really wanted to shake me: she offered encouragement:  Maybe there was a spot for me over at  Let's give it a few weeks.  Mull things over. 

So here's the deal.  Click this link:  Any site manager will be able to see where an uptick in traffic is coming from.  If We Band of Mothers directs a little traffic their way, by God, think of the possibilities.  You may be looking at the next blogger. And you can tell everyone you knew me before I was cool.  Because Chicago Parent and Justin Bieber are practically the same thing.

As an aside, I actually do read Chicago Parent Magazine.  Their contributors vary wildly in their approaches to child-rearing, which merely supports my theory that there's more than one way to skin a

My global dominance has begun.  Right along with my descent into madness.  But at least I'll have a Crayloa MP3 Player to sing along with.   Seriously.  Click Chicago Parent from this site and I'll name my 5th and 6th sons after you.

(If you really want to make an impression, feel free to email Ms. Kaufman at and tell her how I've changed your life.  You don't need to lie or anything, but keep in mind that God never actually specified, "Thou shalt not exaggerate."


  1. Huh??? What surprise do you have in store. Is fourth and already named son on the way? I'm ready to celebrate. Forget the experts about raising children. Just beat them daily. See how wonderful you and your siblings turned out.
    MV and soon to be Batavia, NY

  2. It's all part of your master plan to take over the world, isn't it? I clicked. My brother is about to become a Chicago Parent in about a month. P.S. I won an iPod today. I'll also be giving it to my kid for Christmas.

  3. Anonymous - don't tell anyone, but I believe my statistical possibility of being able to have another kid stand at .05%. Sorry. ):

    Ali - It SO is. You can take the girl out of marketing, but you can't take the marketing out of the girl. Congrats on your iPod and new niece or nephew! Didn't it make your day (the Ipod, that family members are a dime a dozen). (;

  4. Please let Chicago Parent know that I've added them to my list of favorites and they're directly under my favorite blogger who has driveway fetishes.



  5. I clicked. I hope you get the gig.

    By the way, our piano teacher has a whole stash of vintage Little People he uses for class. "Put the cowboy on key D and the dog on key C."

  6. Meg & Leslie - Thank you!! And I love the use of Little People in every day life. It really shows their versatility.