Thursday, September 15, 2011


I stopped banking extra blog entries months ago because I felt like I was cheating on the promise to write something new every day for a year. It felt dirty to have "back-ups." 

The flip side is that when something comes up, I'm left unprepared.

Like last night.  The new season of Survivor began. I had the kids in bed by 6:55 pm.  I made popcorn. I cracked open a Smirnoff Raspberry Ice.  The phone was strategically placed right next to me for my husband's evening check-in call from the firehouse. Joe is always anxious to discuss the needless whining and crying on the show (in between his emergency calls for stabbings and shootings that is).

A more desirable picture would have been the pre-Survivor image where my popcorn was more fluffy and my drink wasn't depleted.  Hindsight.
I really feel like I should write a blog about Survivor and its impact on society, but the two bottles of Smirnoff Ice have wiped me out (along with the 7-mile walk Atheist-Friend and I took during Joey's two hours of preschool). 

My apologies (again).  The good news is the weekend is almost here and who knows what treasures will be unearthed at Goodwill that I can write about.  BFF didn't like the vintage Christmas ornament blog, she thought it showed too much of my eccentricity.  My response? 

That was the only one? 

Obviously, she missed a few.

BFF finds these "creepy and weird," but she has serious holiday hang-ups.  I think her tree is assembled Christmas morning and promptly disassembled December 26th.


  1. Uhm... Marianne? Those *are* kind of creepy. And I'm someone who decorates on December 1st.

  2. I would love to meet your BFF as we share a common bond with our dislike of the "vintage" things you call "Christmas Ornaments". I think an intervention may be in order. Missy

  3. That's funny, I don't think it makes you seem eccentric at all! Though, as a fellow thrift addict, my gauge of normal might be skewed.
    I have never actually seen Survivor, so you should write that post about how it has altered the course of history.

  4. The December disassemble date is my fondest dream. Last year our real Christmas tree survived being dispatch until late February. Two extrodinary large outside and turned brown Christmas wreaths were removed in May with verbal support from the neighbors. Three cheers for my hero BBF.

  5. Oh drats. I didn't know. Consider me enlightened. ):

  6. I think it's kinda funny that someone with such a hatred of knick knacks likes those things. Maybe it is because you can place them all in one location without them getting in the way?

  7. Mary - You may be on to something. I like all my knick-knacks contained. And I don't want to have to dust around them.