Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ode on a Coffee Urn

Ode on a Coffe Urn
By Marianne the Chicago Bogger

Thou still unravished pot of Starbucks bean
Thou foster child of cocoa and green tea
Target bought brewer with brown stains to bear
Set each morning to rendezvous with me.

With dried crust set sweetly around your rim
In need of sayers to determine our fate
You prayed I would simply put you through the washer
But my passion has found your chance too late.

I rinse it out each morning.  And afternoon.  And evening.  I like coffee.

Holy crap, trying to match Keats' meter and rhyme just took all the fun out of expressing my immortal love for that first morning cup.  Because with a 6 am wake-up time throughout the remainder of the school year, I am going to be worshipping the stuff.

The Chicago Public School year begins!!!

So here's what we got:

  • Danny dropped off at bus stop for selective enrollment school: crack o' dawn
  • Jack picked up by stiff uncle still recovering from roof fall during a fire: slightly after crack o' dawn
  • Joey picked up by big yellow school bus: your guess is as good as mine
A few short hours later (and if Joey's big yellow school bus can find us), I reclaim Daniel, Jack and whatever the last one's name is.  There's some kind of special order that I'm supposed to perform this all in, but I just can't keep it straight right now.

Oh, but there's more...

Without a full understanding of how many actual hours I have to work with, I managed to inject daily doses of study in the areas of  swimming, chess, basketball, hockey, violin, and piano.

I know I have no right to complain.  I did it all to myself.  This is going to suck. Yet even armed with that knowledge, I'm still researching a day that can work for us to fit in the White Sox baseball training program. 

If anyone's listening, can you please call Dr. Drew?

In the meantime, I'll make coffee.


  1. Greta starts next week and by the time I drop her off at preschool, I will have been up for three hours with nothing to show for it (well except three kids have hopefully made their way to school... I guess I have no proof if the older two make it). But all in a day's work right??

    And if you call Dr. Drew, please give him my number. Not like I would "ever" need therapy (insert laugh here) but just so I can have a nice look. There is something I love about his gray hair and ties, and when he swears at Steven Adler.... dreamy!!

    Enjoy your quiet today!!

  2. Cool-you wrote 'bogger'
    I like that-it makes you sound like a grumpy, coffee addicted troll

  3. Robyn - you're spot on with the three hour timeframe - that's exactly how long it took from the time I woke up until the last one was out. Dr. Drew is my boyfriend.

    Gweenbrick - I was about to fix that, but decided to leave it up just for you. Signed, The Bogger Troll (:

  4. No lie. I read this post this am. I put the water and the beans in the pot and turned it on. Nothing happened. It was dead. Dead! God hasn't forgiven me for taunting you about my awesome school bus service. I repent. I REPENT!



  5. Meg - The Lord forgives you. Go in peace and sin no more.