Friday, September 23, 2011

Bendaroos and Beatitudes

People keep giving me Bendaroos - those silly wax sticks that children are supposed to mold into spaceships and lions. It's probably my punishment for all the glitter and paint sets I've inflicted on these same parents:

At the end of each night, I usually have 2 or 3 Bendaroos stuck to the bottom of my socks.

Yet I had to chuckle at the creation Jack put together the other day. 

A Bendaroo Scapular:

The kid has talent.
For those not versed in the timeless traditions of the Catholic Church, a Scapular is a neck adornment (my husband would kill me if I called it a necklace) that ensures the wearer will pass directly through the pearly gates without all the normal red tape and paperwork:'re supposed to go right to heaven with a Scapular, but my husband has never once suggested I wear one. 

Joe has gone 30 years wearing a Scapular.  He wears his wedding ring only 4 or 5 times a year.  Devotion to me is apparently more of a crapshoot in terms of salvation.  I'm guessing he's hedging his bets and going with the sure thing.

I know why he's smiling.  He's thinking "I'll finally be free of that maniac because there's no way in hell she's getting past St. Peter."
I never really gave the practice much thought, but obviously Jack has.  The Scapular is something his Daddy wears, and if he couldn't get his hands on a real one, by God, he'd craft one with his own two little hands and a couple of overpriced wax sticks.

A Bendaroo Miracle if you ask me.


  1. I used to wear a scapular too!
    When I was younger, I wore it all the time;it got salty from sweat so I would suck the salt on it.
    Yep, I was a gross child with few friends.

  2. You poor, poor Gweenbrick. I'm starting to understand how you got funny.