Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Unbeknownst to me, Joey's godmother queried him recently on what he would like for his fourth birthday.  Aunt Mary did this to circumvent my input.  Whenever the godparents question me for gift ideas for the kids, I have a prepared list:

  • Strappy sandals in a size 10 (women's)
  • A massage
  • Season 2 of Glee on DVD
  • Botox

I figure my ungrateful boys already have enough toys to circle the globe.  It's time to reward their creator.

But instead, Aunt Mary seized upon Joey's request and appeared at my house last night with this:

I'm starting to think I'm her least favorite sister-in-law.

That's right.  A cuckoo clock.  Because nothing says love like a chirping bird every fifteen minutes.  Apparently, this was Joey's sole request to his fairy godmother.   

Yet what Aunt Mary didn't realize when she ordered the gift was the nature of the creature that would be leaping out from behind its little blue doors.  This was no delicately carved forest bird.  Why, just have look:

Aunt Mary's cuckoo clock has a deranged chicken in it.  Somehow, this is all very fitting.

Later that evening, I wondered where my son got the idea for such a thing.  It's not like we have anyone in the family who owns a cuckoo clock.  But as I started putting away a few items in the pantry, it struck me:

Relax.  He eats Cheerios, too.

Can anyone guess what Joey's favorite cereal is?

I love that my son has embraced a theme.  I just wish it wasn't Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.


  1. You could arrange for a hospital visit not unlike Megan's skunkie.

  2. Anonymous - it's already hung on Joey's wall.

    Skwishee - I think she knew I was short on material for the blog and graciously decided to aid the process. (;

  3. I miss Skunkie. I've never been the same.



  4. Gretchen has been relentlessly asking for one too! I think Barbara Vick put the idea into their heads or maybe one of those evil shows on Disney. I told her they only have them in Germany. We won't be visiting your house ever again. Aunts always give the worst (from the parents perspective) gifts. For example: A fish and a tank. Fish need to be fed and tanks need to be cleaned, plus I am certain it is responsible for the increase in my electric bill. And the damn fish refuses to die.

  5. Meg - sorry about that. If it helps, I never got to use my Holly Hobby oven. (;

    Anonymous - I would have sent the fish right back home with her. The clock is hanging in Joey's room, so it should be out of sight for the most part.