Sunday, July 31, 2011

Money Laundering

While doing wash, I discovered that my General Electric dryer left a tip.  $14 to be exact.

Couple of quick questions to anybody out there who works for the IRS: 

Am I required to claim this as income on my 1040? 

If so, do I get to deduct the Tide?

This was a much better discovery than last month's pocketful of melted crayons.  Hot wax in a dryer = only time I've ever cried doing housework 


  1. finders keepers...losers weepers

  2. You lucky duck. I usually get tips in the form of silly bands or pens. Although the latest was a button the size of a coaster Kelly left on her shirt that read, "Meh." The irony was not lost on me.

    I read this today. I thought of you immediately. And I also thought about that one time Jack wiped out so bad on his bike that his screeching could be heard blocks away. I knew he'd be OK. That's probably why I kept watering the flowers and told him to get his bike from the middle of the street before I'd dress his wounds.



  3. Anonymous - At last! Your post came through. Sorry about that - not sure how it was fixed. Try try again.

    Megan - Great link. It made me feel better as a mother that maybe that old-school variety of parenting (letting your kids know on a daily basis the world doesn't revolve around them) may have some merit after all.