Monday, August 1, 2011

Donny Osmond Loves Me. Sort of.

Perhaps the title for today's blog is a bit of stretch, but I did get an actual, non-auto-generated response from Donny Osmond's webpage after requesting a photo of him for my blog:


You can use the attached photo for your blog.  Thanks!

The Team

Please email - do not reply to this message!

If you carefully analyze the subtext of the email, one can only interpret the words as a clear and focused declaration.  The message?

Donny Osmond loves me. 

Seriously..."do not reply to this message?"  That's code for call me

It's so obvious.

I'm beginning to understand why celebrities have security details and continue to lobby congress for better anti-stalking legislation. 

So here's the photo that "Team Donny" sent me which I can apparently use as often as I want on the blog.  You'll be getting to know this image well.  I can write about Donny Osmond forever.  Him and my driveway.

Perfect Man


Perfect Concrete


  1. I have never heard you once mention Donny Osmond before. Were you out in the sun too much this weekend?

  2. Anonymous - see June 28th blog. I've been a closet Donny lover for most of my life. It's time I came out:

    "My favorite program was The Donny & Marie Show. The only time I was ever sent to my room as a young kid was when I morphed into a 4-year-old demon in need of an exorcism. I thrashed, cried, and even threw things. The root cause of such an unwieldy display by an otherwise sedate child? I had somehow convinced myself that my parents were lying when they said Donny and Marie weren't on television that night. I was a junkie in need of her bad variety-show fix, and no amount of reason could calm me. Upstairs to my orange and purple prison went I."

  3. Is it purely accidental that the second picture (which contains a picture of your husband) is titled "Perfect Concrete" and not "Perfect Husband/Man"? Just asking...I don't judge...really, I don't judge. (signed anonymous-otherwise known as "favorite sister-in-law"...better answer this correctly)

  4. Favorite Sister-in-Law: You are correct. I should have captioned the picture: "perfect man IN concrete."

  5. If you ever make it out to Vegas I can hook you up with free tickets to the Donny & Marie show at the Flamingo!

  6. Lori - that would have been a dream come true. We ARE going to Vegas, but I looked up the dates and he's not going to be there when we're there. Facebook me and I'll let you know when we're going to be there & we can meet up!

  7. Love it!!! You are sooo almost famous!