Friday, August 19, 2011

Vegas Episode 5: We Arrive!

When I woke up in Chicago that morning, we were supposed to leave for a direct flight to Las Vegas.   I never could have imagined that Joe and I would be drinking beer in Tulsa or eating barbecue in Dallas before day's end.  At some point between when we were told our airplane was broken and when an overhead compartment door clocked me on the head, this whole adventure became very very funny. 

We toasted our bad luck in Dallas before our final flight, and I asked Joe to look on the bright side:  we actually got three vacation destinations for the price of one.  My inner bargain hunter was satisfied.  There are people who live their entire lives without ever visiting Oklahoma.  We had already come out ahead as far as I was concerned.  The universe was certainly smiling on us that day.  Or laughing its damn fool head at us.  Either way, it was a story.  And in life, it's good to have a story.

Joe was sticking with beer while I upgraded to Diet Coke & rum which would explain the Excedrin Migraine on our Vegas drugstore list

As we touched down in Las Vegas, I was a little sad that our odyssey had come to an end.  It was the most time Joe and I had spent alone (and awake) together in a long time.  I had forgotten how funny my husband can be sometimes.  He had forgotten how much I like to sing songs at inappropriate moments.  We remembered how much fun the other person was when cocktails and an absence of children coincided.  It really was a honeymoon of sorts, no matter how late in the game it was or how much older and softer we had become.

It still counted. 

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