Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vegas Episode 7: So Close, Yet So Very Far

Being the #1 Donny Osmond Fan in the entire Chicago-Metro area, you would think I would have made sure Donny was going to be in town for our Vegas trip.

You would be mistaken. 

Just as I got the understudy during my first attempt to see Donny in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I left Vegas without ever catching a glimpse of my favorite Mormon apart from this promotional poster I spied at The Flamingo Hotel:

Marie, by the way, looks fabulous.  Dancing with the Stars did her good.
Devastated, I was forced to go with Plan B: Jersey Boys

Without providing an elaborate history of my musical theatre obsession and number of shows I've attended, let's just say I feel pretty confident in my semi-professional assessment of Jersey Boys.  It was fun. Great fun.  It's the perfect show to see when you're in Vegas.  Even if you've lost all your money and misplaced your rental car, you're going to leave Jersey Boys in a good mood.  It's inevitable.

I got orchestra seats for the same price as the nosebleeds - online coupons are the way to go.
While I loved the show and will be taking my mom to the Chicago production for her birthday in April, I can't lie: I felt a little robbed.  Donny was the dream, Jersey Boys was the reality. 

But then again, I think my husband once dreamed of marrying a normal girl who didn't drag him to musicals and schedule vacation flights for 7 am.   

Reality can be good, too.   

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  1. I liked Jersey Boys too and had no idea what Frankie Valli even sang. Ultimately they became one of Greta's favorite groups. (Who loves you pretty baby is a STAPLE for her!!). Now where are the Joe Walsh gambling stories??


  2. I had no idea how lucky I was to accidently end up with tickets to Joseph and dragged an unwilling still smoking Dave to what I believe was his first and last musical. He had a hard time making it to intermission without a smoke. He loved it, but he'll never admit it. He said 'no way' to Jersey Boys. Maybe I'll surprise him with tickets for his birthday. I think he might enjoy it even more if we all went together with your Mom;)

  3. Robyn - Gambling stories: felt tables and more felt tables. I'll try to remember something interesting about gambling tomorrow for you!

    Anonymous - I think he'd LOVE Jersey Boys. Both husbands who attended were very happy they went. They're coming back to Chicago in April!

  4. The Ciprianis are IN for Jersey Boys in Chicago! Loving the Vegas Vacation.

  5. Thanks, Cipriani! It was oh so good to get a way. I'll let you know on Jersey Boys!

  6. My friends and I went to see Peep Show starring Holly Madison (Hef's ex-girlfriend and star of Girls Next Door), well...calling her the "star" of the show would be giving her too much credit. She can't act, dance or sing....but we did get to see her boobs! LOL Yep, now my life is complete. NOT!

  7. Shel - I guess it doesn't matter as much what you do as long as you're having a good time? But Holly Madison's genetically altered boobies? I guess it's good fodder for conversation. All about the story.