Friday, August 12, 2011

Joe & Mar's Excellent Adventure

I'm ready to fess up.  Joe and I went on vacation. It was a multi-occasioned event to commemorate the following:
  • Our 7-years-late honeymoon
  • Joe's 40th birthday
  • My 29th birthday (give or take a decade)
Perhaps Joe's drugstore list created upon arrival can shed some light on our destination:

I'm too tired to re-take the picture without my thumb in the way, but that last item is "Excedrin Migraine."

I told Joe to add tweezers when we checked into our room and I peered into one of those mirrors where you can inspect the colonies of dirt living in your pores.  I noticed my eyebrows were growing together and required immediate handling, hence the tweezers:

Seriously, why make a person feel this bad about themselves on purpose?
That's right.  We went to Vegas.  Well, not directly.  We actually flew to Tulsa and Dallas on the way to Vegas.  Naturally.  I've got so much new blog material, I don't know where to begin.

Give me until tomorrow to decide. 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Unless your wife has a blog.


  1. what happens in vegas stays in vegas... unless your wife has a blog... and unless one of your faithful blog followers went to vegas with you and has a big mouth :)

  2. We can hardly wait. Were you visiting historical sights in Tulsa & Dallas?

  3. Rada - shhhhhh. Thank goodness I have moderation power. I feel a little like God.

    Anonymous - Look for the upcoming pictures! Do you really think I'd waste a photo op in TULSA? (;