Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Do I Even Try?

I was all prepared with my camera and extra batteries when I set off to photograph the "awards ceremony" at chess camp last month.

As a reminder to newer readers of the blog, my master plan is to raise nerds. Big ones. Giant in fact. With adult heights for the boys predicted in the neighborhood of 6'2" to 6'7," the words "Super Nerd" best encompass my parental ambitions. Capes have even been provided courtesy of Atheist-Friend:

Poor Joe.  This may be the last shot where he's taller than the kids.

With my camera in focus, Jack marched proudly up to the instructor to collect his 2nd place medal. As he returned to his seat, he begrudgingly allowed me to take another photo:

"If I don't make eye contact, maybe the other kids won't think she's my mom."
In the meantime, Daniel realized what I was up to. Daniel hates having his photo taken.  So much in fact that I didn't even bother pre-ordering his 1st grade class pictures, figuring he'd just snarl and glare at the photographer like he does with me. Instead he grinned like the Cheshire Cat himself and once again proved that there is no predicting the behavior of my children.

Anyway back to chess camp. Daniel raced up to his instructor and grabbed his medal before I could even turn the camera on. He scampered under the nearest table to thwart the intentions of his Jimmy Olsen-like mom.

Like that's going to stop me:

You can run...but I've got zoom.


  1. Ha! Love it. Children should know better... the longer you fight it, the longer you're going to have a camera aimed at you; for heaven's sake, just smile and get it over with!

  2. Skwishee - One would think? These kids prefer to keep me on edge. I believe they may be thrill-seekers...what will mom do NEXT?!