Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vegas Episode 4: 'Who Shot J.R.' Should Be a Drinking Game

Greetings loyal readers!  Can you believe we're already on Episode 4 of our Vegas trip and we still haven't arrived on The Strip? Or even in Nevada? What was it that Miley Cyrus lip synced:

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the cliiiiiimb

I find my knowledge of  Miley Cyrus a tad disconcerting. It really devalues my cool factor.  And you know how cool I am, beloved blog reader: the Broadway-musical-loving geek who thinks Journey is the greatest rock band ever.  Alongside Donny & Marie of course.

Well it's a good thing that it "ain't about how fast I get there," because it took forever to just reach Dallas, the second leg of our American Airlines, Isabel-inspired tour of the continental United States.  Thank goodness our Australian flight attendant kept us mellow with a series of complimentary alcoholic beverages.  She snuck them to us repeatedly, but each time pressed her finger against her lips as if to say "tell anyone about this, and I sic the kangaroos on you."

Thoroughly blitzed, Joe got the munchies the second we landed, so it was off to find grub.  I really can't be held accountable for the endless Sue-Ellen and Miss Ellie jokes I made along the way.  Once again Joe was just happy I wasn't singing because I couldn't remember the Dallas theme song. 

It smelled good when we walked by.

It looked good when it arrived.
But it  I supposed airport barbecue will never pass muster when compared to say The Salt Lick which is like heaven on a plate.  Railhead Airport Barbecue turned out to be a tad more fatty and chewy than anticipated, but the sauce was pretty good.  All in all though, we won't be doing an encore.

Still, they sold Mike's Hard Lemonade so it wasn't a total waste.  Off to the gift shop!

Go Longhorns!  UT has one of the cheapest in-state medical schools in the country.  Not that I haven't already looked into it extensively for Daniel.  No pressure, kid. 

After a quick tram ride and a glimpse of downtown Dallas, we were once again in search of an airport bar:
Joe just kept getting happier and happier as the day progressed.

Joe: "Hey kids, look!  It's Big Ben...and Parliament!"
I've got to wrap up the blog for today as we just got back from a Sox game and I've got to be up early to give the kids baths before school, so more later. 

Up Next: A Drink to Dallas and Hello Vegas???


  1. OMG, girl. YOu really did have the longest trip to Vegas...ever!

  2. It really just became funny after a while - which is good when you have a blog. (; Hope all is well!