Saturday, August 20, 2011

Block Party Czar vs. Tom Skilling

In writing another blog about Vegas, I started to feel a little self-conscious when Atheist-Friend pointed out:

What do you say about Vegas?  'I sat at a table with felt on it,' followed by, 'And then I sat at another table with felt on it.'  

Oh that Atheist-Friend.  She can be funny sometimes.  We'll return to Vegas blogs on Monday.  I've got a bigger issue right now.

I'm a complete wreck over our block party.  Tom Skilling, Chicago Meteorologist, has been insisting all week that it's going to rain.  It can't rain!  I have people coming!  I found little toothpick umbrellas!  I even bought a jumbo inflatable palm tree cooler and tikis! Our theme is Hawaiian Luau and a guy is coming over at the crack of dawn with a big dead pig that he's going to plop on a spit and spin around for half a day.

Remember my "I'm not going overboard on this block party" credo?  Yeah.  That went out the window once my manic kicked in. 

Take note of the Pina Colada mix.  My Vegas drink lives on, courtesy of  CVS Extra-Bucks.  Who knew they sold alcohol at CVS?  I was just there to buy nail polish.
Alright, blogosphere.  Let's cross our fingers and hope Tom Skilling doesn't rain on my parade.  My ridiculous, over-the-top, Hurricane and Mai-Tai themed parade.

If it does, you can find me curled up in a fetal position inside my Jumbo Inflatable Palm Tree stabbing it with hundreds of little drink umbrellas.

When I saw the palm tree was 6 feet tall like me, I felt a certain kinship.  Plus, it was on sale.
I think I'm going to cry.


  1. Parties...they're never about the drinks or weather. I think the people make them. Your block party should be a smashing success, rightfully so. Just hide all the scotch, screwdrivers and Sox clothing and there shouldn't be a problem.


    Your sister who kids

  2. Meg - then come over and help me drink some of this pina colada mix!

  3. Don't you people sleep???

  4. Get some tarps! See if anyone has dining tents (you know, the camping variety) that you can set up... then you've got a bit of shelter if it does rain, and if it doesn't, people will know where to get the drinks. Although I suppose the giant palm tree might tip them off too.

    Here's hoping for clear skies! :)

  5. Skwishee - The tarps are up and the neighbors are inside their houses. Things are looking as grim as the big dead pig on my front lawn. I'm about to go find the blender. This mom needs a pina colada.

  6. Rain stopping at 2pm-Dad