Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Bobcat

New driveway: Thousands of dollars

Hours spent debating contractors: 30

Neighborhood reputation after 7 AM excavation crew showed up: Shot to hell

Cost of having 3 boys glued to the back window for 7 hours: Priceless


  1. Love it!!! Wish I was getting something new so my kids would stare at it for hours! LOL

  2. With my neighbor's deck addition, my other neighbor's driveway, and now our driveway....I've had perfect kids!

  3. I can relate;I love it when repair people come over-I can't stop watching them.
    I also have a small collection of vintage little people, (love your profile pic) what set did the brunette mom come in? Nice blog!

  4. Thanks! I get most of my Little People on Ebay and I'm never sure what sets they come from. I just love them without question. Thanks for following - very artsy blog yourself! Great px!