Monday, July 11, 2011

Weddings & Things I Know for Sure

After a fantastic weekend wedding and through the haze of recovery, I have come up with a few foggy truths about life.  Follow along.  I'll type slowly as my brain is still not 100%

1.  I'm a sucker for romance.  

2. When given the choice on martinis, stick with the small:

3.  The only way to party like a rock star after the age of 30 is by stashing a couple of these in your purse (next to your flip-flops):

4. My brother Joe is very tall:

5.  My blog will be welcoming a new follower very very soon:

6.  When in Lake Geneva, the best "recovery" food can be found at Popeye's (not that chicken chain, but the rotisserie place)

7.  It's never a good idea to put the "Cubs" number card at the table where my husband the Sox fan is sitting.   I believe this was face-down for most of the reception with the exception of when I took the picture.

8.  Per the instructions of the girls at the wedding, if your problem area is fat arms, channel the Venus de Milo and pretend you don't have arms:

9.  Even though a great time was had, sometimes it's nice to just come home and look at your new driveway:


  1. Did Joey use his foot in the concrete? :D Good times!



  2. Joey dipped his hands in several times in several spots. I just traced the general outline he left of hand-blob. That's what I got for doing this with a 3-year-old.

  3. Fred Flinstone hands are hot and we all know how you feel about him. It all looks so damn cute Mar.

  4. When (fingers crossed, someday soon) we finally get our own house, I am so doing the cement thing. That would be nice to look at after time away from home. :)

  5. Anonymous - Fred Flintstone is gorgeous. Barney was so jealous.

    Skwishee - It took 5 years of coupons and overtime checks to finally get our driveway. I never thought it would be worth the money. SO worth the money. Here's hoping the Bobcat Gods find their way to your driveway soon!