Saturday, July 16, 2011

Did I Forget to Mention?

I won't lie to you, loyal reader. It's been a long week.  So in the midst of it all, I omitted a few noteworthy items:

Item #1:  I did not win the Porn basket at the Christmas without Cancer fundraiser.   I told my sister-in-law to put $50 in raffle tickets towards various gift baskets.  Originally, I swore I'd kill her if she put them all in the Porn basket (" are the winner of the PORN BASKET....come collect your PORN BASKET, Marianne").  Then I started to appreciate the humor in winning such a prize.  Alas, they did not call my name.  But I did win another basket.  Wouldn't you know?  After all my blogging about the ridiculous cost of a visit to the Shedd Aquarium, I won admission for 4.   Oh and Mary - I finally got around to dropping that check in the mail. Actually, Joey dropped it in the mail.  Or maybe in the sewer.  Let me know if it doesn't arrive in the standard Chicago delivery time of 4-6 weeks.  You are over a mile away after all.

Admission for 4 but we're a family of 5.  Who to leave behind?  Oh!  Pick me!  Pick ME!
Item #2:  Daniel and I went 10 rounds over bedtime.  He kept insisting he wasn't tired and I kept insisting he was.  At 9:30 pm, I threatened that if he came downstairs just one more time and said even one more word about not being able to sleep, I was going to call his father. When I went upstairs several hours later, I discovered my son made absolutely certain he got the the last word on the matter:   

Item #3:  And what's a Friday night without the emergency visit to Prompt Care?  Of course it was already 6 pm when I realized Jack was sporting a goose egg.  I assumed he hurt himself at camp, but upon further inspection, I realized it was a mosquito bite.  With a history of cellulitis courtesy of such bites, I scoured the internet to find an open Prompt Care before infection damaged my baby's brain.  Thank you, Orland Park for offering the only location that stays open until 8 pm on a Friday.

"Will I need a shot?" followed by "Can I get a Captain America drink at Baskin Robbins?"

God bless you Physicians ImmediateCare of Orland Park.
Now that you're up-do-date, here's to a great weekend and I hope to see none of you at Prompt Care of Orland Park or any Emergency Room in the entire tri-state area.

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