Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Babies Need Not Apply

With the July 4th weekend on my mind, I just wanted to take a moment to share one of my all-time favorite pictures of the boys.  A few years back,  I carefully donned them all in patriotic-colored clothes, bought American flags, and loaded up the camera to capture a happy summer moment for use on the Christmas card. 

The best laid plains...

Daniel is pouting because he hates having his picture taken and I just screamed at him to smile.  In retaliation, Danny tried taking Joey's Matchbox cars.  Joey, being slightly obsessive-compulsive, went ape-shit.   Jack, per his usual, just smiled and tried to smooth everything over.   

So I took the picture anyway thinking I'd just end up deleting it.  Now it is in the most-cherished category.

I have a large collection of crying baby photos that I also hold dear.  I've given up trying to pretend that these years are stress-free and idyllic.  When I'm a very old lady in my rocker trying to recall my youth, a bunch of smiling, perfectly coiffed kids will do nothing to trigger my memory.  But the unplanned, imperfect glimpse into our lives will surely open the floodgates:

Anyone remember the lizard baby from the 1980's miniseries "V?"
So keep those cameras ready for any meltdowns, messy kids, or mayhem this weekend.  I will be happy to post on this blog if you're willing to share. 


  1. I think the boys are perfect like their mom.

  2. I am chortling in my work cubicle looking at Joey's picture and thinking of the lizard baby from V! I am sending you a few of my own "most treasured" pics now...

  3. I aim to chortle. Thanks for the pics! I like the one of Steve the best. (;

  4. Oh, thank you so much for that morning laugh!

    Just discovered you through the whole Leap Day blog hop that just took over my day. I mean, who cares if my son's room remodel waits yet another day to be completed ....

    ... I have very funny lady bloggers to visit!

    And I'm here in Chicago too. Blogging about my home and my DIY winners and losers and in-betweeners ...

    I just love it when I find other Chicago bloggers ...



  5. Linda - happy to provide some chuckles! I couldn't follow you using Google on your blog, but I'm definitely interested in reading fellow Chicago blogger's stuff. I'll be checking you out again soon! Thanks for stopping by!