Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Little (Lotto) Things

I sat down at my computer the other day and noticed that my husband had dropped a stack of cardboard codes on my desk - all torn out from boxes of Coke products.  He knows how much I enjoy a good rewards program and I only recently came to terms with no longer being a Pampers' Gifts to Grow member.  I should have known that potty training Joey could only bite me in the ass one day.

Codes, magical codes

Joe is currently the firehouse "treasurer" (translation: guy who fills the vending machines).  Don't repeat that, please.  He feels he's finally putting that EIU finance degree to good use. 

Regardless, the position has its perks.  Every time Joe fills the pop machines, he tears out the codes for his crazy code-collecting wife.  I'm Chicago's version of John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.  If there's a code which can lead to a free t-shirt or monogrammed towel, by God...I'll find it.

I started rifling around my desk to see if he had left any more and noticed a stack of unchecked Little Lotto tickets.  I love Little Lotto.  My husband prefers the big games - PowerBall, MegaMillions, etc.  He has dreams of paying off all his friends' mortgages, retiring, and moving all his buddies somewhere warm.

 I'm not sure if he's planning on taking me.

Little Lotto, Little Dreams

I don't like those big games. I know that statistically, Little Lotto has better odds, but that's not why I play.  I have seen one too many of those curse-of-the-lottery television shows.  The winners all end up sick, miserable, and broke.  I like Little Lotto because the money wouldn't change our lives that dramatically. Things are pretty okay the way they are.  A Little Lotto win would only mean that Joe wouldn't have to work every day of the week. Perhaps we'd get HBO. I'd add cello to the boys' musical rotation. We'd have a fund for their future therapists. Nothing too crazy.

I suppose at the heart of my not wanting to win millions is the joy that would be stripped from my existence.  It wouldn't feel the same getting a free oven mitt with my Coke points if I had $300 million in the bank.  People would laugh at me for wasting my time.  I currently have $5 waiting to be spent at Kmart with my rewards card there, and I am giddy.  Every time I get a CVS $10 ExtraBucks reward, I buy Tide because it makes doing laundry, I don't know, happier.

Spend image
I have enough for this 300 pt. gift, but I'm saving for Season 1 of Glee (1800 pts)
The people I know with a lot of money all seem to be good, decent folks.  Yet there is always a sense that their right to complain has long-since been revoked.  I mean what do you think the reaction is to a multi-millionaire moaning about the line at the DMV?

"Dude...you own a yacht.  Shut the f*#$ up."

I for one like to complain and wouldn't give it up for all the money in the world.  My husband would second that if he hadn't already gone to bed lamenting his having to fill up the vending machines this week. 

And I'm just that much closer to Season 1 of Glee.


  1. Get the oven mit. Stop saving for Glee. I have it already and watched the whole thing. I just dropped it in the mail to you. Better yet, forgo the oven mit and get some new kitchen towels. Dad's old shirts circa 1984 should not be used to wipe off your counters.



    P.S. The peep toes are too big to mail and will be delivered to your porch next Sunday after I drop off Jack in Beverly before the Cub's game

  2. Woo-Hoo...Megan Rewards Programs are the BEST. I figure I've earned them through childhood...get picked up in a car full of branches: 3 pts. Locked out of my bedroom: 6 pts. Having water put in my hairspray bottle: 10 pts.

    Thank you! Can't wait to start on Glee. I've wanted to watch it since it came out but it never happened. This is going to be better than Christmas!

  3. Just shoved a large envelope with a million stamps on it in the mailbox. If they don't melt, you'll have it in a few days. :D


  4. Marianne, you need to hold a rewards program seminar. Mary and I will sign up. I waste so much money because I am disorganized. You've inspired me to get a CVS card. I spend so much money there and miss out on so many deals.


  5. Thanks, Meg! If my blog posts start getting shorter, you'll know that Glee has arrived.

    Jeanine - I too used to waste thousands of dollars a year ignoring rewards programs. When I worked, my OCD was sufficiently distracted from pursuing the joys of bonus dollars and free gifts. As a stay-at-home mom, I now recognize the value of memberships. And I also recognize I have a disease and meds could probably help.