Saturday, July 23, 2011

The T-Shirt

I watched the news for hours yesterday while folding laundry.  The coverage of the Oslo bombing and shootings left me feeling angry and sad.   So I diverted my eyes back to my piles of unfolded clothes.  And then I  recognized the shirt I was holding.  It was the very t-shirt my husband wore on our 2nd date.  The man throws nothing away.  It made me smile:

I wore a dress.

Joe continues to wear this shirt regularly.  For him, it's one part tongue-in-cheek and one part, "No, really."  If only those who commit horrible crazy acts of violence could choose a similar method to express their displeasure, discontent, or overall disturbed nature.

I'm sure for that reason alone, millions of people worldwide would give the very shirts off their backs.  And I would have one less vintage t-shirt to fold each week.


  1. Oh Marianne,

    Sorry I was not aware of that date. I may have suggested something a t-shirt without a "message" on it. At least you knew what you were getting.

  2. Mary - that was the great thing about Joe. I knew exactly what I was getting and couldn't be happier. And he provides great material for the blog.