Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have I Mentioned the New Driveway?

If men are allowed to go on and on about their cars and golf handicaps, I feel that dedicating a certain portion of my blog to the new driveway is quite rationale and to be expected. 

It completes me.

As has been established, the boys were mesmerized by the entire installation process.  So much in fact, that they really took to heart the installer's instructions to "water" the driveway as often as possible.  We are now more than a week out from pouring concrete, and my trio of free laborers has diligently followed these directives to the letter:

Well, Jack started out watering the driveway, but noticed a few flowers looked a bit withered....

Daniel of course took complete control of the hose and dolled out water to Joey in tiny plastic cups

Joey was assigned to monitor and point out any dry spots his brother may have missed.

If you knew how much I hated my old driveway, how many skinned knees I had to repair due to its cracks, and the amount of profanity that dripped from my husband's mouth each time he had to shovel snow, you would understand my singular obsession.

Part 15 of "My New Driveway: A Love Story" coming soon to a blog near you.  Do you suppose this is where "We Band of Mothers" jumps the shark?  I can hear the critics now:  It was like....could she just stop with the driveway already?  I got so sick and tired of  hearing about this flippin' driveway.  Who cares about an ugly old driveway anyway?  Couldn't she just give it up?

Did Fonzie stop once he put those jet skis on?


  1. Just love those cement highways errrrrrrr and especially thcse cement side driveways. Fonzie did not have a cement driveway accounting for his adoption of jet skis.

  2. It's OK. I'm excited about resilin figurines these days. The driveway looks great! And the fact that I can't see your children's scalp any more as their Summer buzzes have grown in, really makes me happy too. :D



  3. Anonymous - you're right. Fonzie didn't even have a driveway to be excited about. It was always that stupid juke box with him.

    Megan - if you want to guest-blog about your fairy garden, I could use the help! Take pictures!

  4. Sure thing. Here's the blog. I turned 39 on Monday. I waited for Mama bird in her nest out front to chase her offspring out so I wouldn't be dive bombed any more. On Wednesday I put in my fairy garden. Now I'm bored...and old. When I put my garbage at the curb tonight, no one dive bombed me. I miss Mama bird. I'm sure the neighbors watching and laughing out their windows do too. The End.