Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Battery Life

Lesson #1 learned at the Walsh household this Christmas: 

One can never, ever have too many batteries. 

I simply cannot believe how many toys Santa brought this year which require varying sizes of Duracells.  My kids have definitely entered into gadget-land in terms of toy selection.  Just about everything they requested required batteries, and I was not prepared.  Mostly because I hate reading boxes and instructions. 

I also hate peas.

But I do enjoy long walks on the beach.

My neglectful anticipation of battery needs is just one reason I am happy to be part of the P&G E-Store Launch where I invite everyone to check out the land of discounted bulk battery purchases.  A link to the store and some battery choices below. 

Be sure to take note of my rather inspired link names.  Because when it's the wee hours of the morning after Christmas, I get a little slap-happy in discovering just how many batteries I still need to buy:

I didn't realize I needed this many flippin' AA batteries

Ahh...but did you also buy toys requiring AAA's?  Yeah, I got you covered there, too:

And NOW I need AAA's, too?  This sucks

But it's not like those battery people want to send you off without a smile.  Click below to win some free batteries:

I need to win me some free batteries link

In a unique tie-in of batteries AND diapers, visit here:

Why the heck not?  Diapers & batteries go together like fish & chips

But what about that new toy vacuum requiring those big round "D" batteries?  I thought of those, too:

Big Round D batteries which just makes me wonder "why round?"

Anyone buy Hexbugs?  These batteries should work fine:

Hexbug batteries - those little round ones that I think also go in hearing aids

I'm told that people sometimes need those square 9V batteries, too:

It's hip to be square batteries

Be sure to use the promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA for an additional 15% off on first-time orders.

Yeah.  I'll be loading up.   

On batteries, that is.

After that?  I feel certain I may experience a little post-holiday meal stomach upset.  I ate a LOT of turkey and ice cream.  And brownies.  And cheese.  I may just need something to soothe my spirits and my stomach:

Click here for Pepto

I won't lie.  The chocolate chip cookies were worth it.  But I'm glad there's a remedy.

Here's wishing everyone a battery-full life with plenty of cookies! 


  1. Batteries. The bane of my existence. I feel ya.

  2. The only thing I bought that needed batteries was for my husband - - the biggest kid in the house! A pair of remote control helicopters :) Six AA batteries for EACH. Holy crap.

  3. I cannot believe we didn't need any toy batteries, but I. Certainly need something to give me a little more life!

  4. LOL, I do remember those days of counting what we needed for batteries :) Too cute with the options of what batteries to buy, assuming one needed to buy some (we had one toy for son's girlfriend's daughter that needed toys; we opted for a rechargeable battery pack........)

    sounds like you had a delicious Christmas!


  5. Wow! You got as many links in as you could. I think I had two or three, then I got sick of copying and pasting - lol! Love Blogher and P&G!

  6. So thankful my teens only want clothes and money and neither require batteries.K, my 6 year old miraculously only had one toy this year that required some Double AA's. Mema and Papa bought it for her, so they were responsible for the batteries. - Hey, that is my rule! You buy toy..You BUY BATTERY!
    Brownies and Cheese, sounds like my Christmas. Too many cheese trays to count.

  7. Batteries should not be so damn important!!
    Hailing from Beverly Bloggers!!

  8. I thought I was totally all set for Christmas this year with batteries. I'm a planner (ya know) so I stocked up and was all ready to be power filled. Then sure enough, Henry got a gift in the mail that required a 9 volt battery. Really? 9 volt?? Mission Be Super Prepared failed.