Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Joey Lends a Hand

Congratulations to Robyn H. and Tracey from Just Another Mommy Blog for their Joey-selected  wins in the Baskin-Robbins cake contest.  I will have Baskin-Robbins send your $31 gift certificates today so hopefully you have them in time for Christmas to get one of these adorable cakes.

The Prize
Here is the official prize selection video.  Forgive me for suggesting you were actually winning a book in it, I hadn't had my coffee yet.  And we all know how bad I am under pressure (see: Marianne's horrendous performance on WGN radio show).

Congrats Robyn & Tracey!!


  1. Rats, I guess I will be stuck with a Jubilee Roll!

  2. I think if you had folded papers I would have had a better chance.

    I'm still pouting. But isn't Wednesday BOGO for sundaes?

    Joey is going to be a game show host.

  3. Those cakes are AWESOME! Too cute to eat.

    (I'm totally lying. No cake on earth is too cute to eat.)