Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Those Excedrin Migraine People Are Trying to Kill Me

The Migraine Fairy visits my head about 15 times a year.  The Really Bad Headache Gnome appears about 40-50 times a year.  Because of this, I typically put Excedrin Migraine botttles in just about every room in my house. 

I am kind of like a closet alcoholic that way. But instead of stashing Vodka bottles in boots, I sprinkle my happy little gel capsules around like fairy dust. I need them handy for whenever that unforgiving vice grips my temples and magnifies its intensity through that most dastardly of all sounds: Caillou

Imagine my surprise when the well finally ran dry and I went to CVS to get more. Apparently, my favorite drug has been recalled since January (see Wall Street Journal story).  Thanks for the memo, Excedrin people.  I've been downing the stuff like candy for months without the slightest hint of anything being askew. I could have been sucking down arsenic for all I knew.

Which leads me to today. I was in dire need of migraine relief when I ran to the store to grab something, anything, to numb the pain. I settled on this:

That's right. I bought the generic. If that wasn't bad enough, the stuff had about the same impact on my head as a couple of baby aspirin.

So I'm turning to my second favorite cure: Mike's Hard Lemonade. And if I do end up hiding Vodka bottles in boots one day, please tell those Excedrin people it was all their fault.

Well, maybe not all.


  1. poor you!! I haven't suffered from migraines but I have heard the horrors of them! Terrible that Excedrin Migraine was recalled; it was a shame they didn't notify you before so you could get another stash before they pulled it from the shelf. I never know why they decide something is not good for someone after it has been on the market for years.

    On the plus side Mike's Hard Lemonade can be a good thing indeed, provided you don't have to drive anywhere!


  2. If Immodium is ever recalled, I may try Margaritas to cure my tummy issues! You may be on to something ;)

    I had some Mike's Hard Lemonade left behind from one of our family BBQ's (I love when people leave behind alcohol) Anyway, sat in the backyard, cracked one open, and honest to god, cross my heart, I thought of you! A Blogger across the country whom I have never met.How we are all so connected, weird right?

  3. I know a sure fire cure for a migraine. It has something to do with sex...really!
    I don't get migraines often but when I do, concentrating your attention on pleasurable sensations in your nether regions seems to take all the unpleasant sensations away from your head - it works in the same way putting pressure on your big toe helps a common headache.
    I read about it somewhere once. Have I told you this before Marianne?

  4. Migraine's are the WORST, especially when laying in bed and going to sleep with a cold mask over your eyes is not an option! Here's hoping the fairy goes on a long vacation.

  5. I really thought I emailed you since I think I have you beat on the popping of excedrin. I kept mine because (if anything is actually wrong) they were on the same belt as other pain killers. Imagine, two pain meds for the price of one!! CVS generic does NOT work...but the jewel one is not bad. I miss excedrin!!


  6. I hope you feel better. That just sucks. I deal with a lot of pain, but that's mostly just Pains in my Ass.

  7. I will promptly quit my sinus pressure and pain bitching because I am so sorry to hear how often your headaches are. Yet you still show up to entertain and inform us? Rock star! Is excedrin a gateway drug to imitrex?

  8. Hmmm, Marianne-
    You and your fans may be on to something. Booze and sex to get rid of a migraine? Just don't let our men find out.
    I haven't tried MHLemonade but you got me hooked on that Michelob apple shiz. Good stuff out by the pool.
    Haven't had a migraine in years, but I remember them well. I usually got a shot that made me unconscious for a day or so. I wish they'd give those out for Mom's everywhere.
    I feel so bad for you...hope you find something that works. I was told that it was the caffeine in Exedrine that worked. Maybe you'd be better off chugging a Jack and Coke. ;)

  9. Boo :( I hope you feel better soon. (But if you have to resort to liquor and sex... well, that could make for a fun summer.)

  10. Betty - You said it. And I only do my Mike's after carpool and camp. You know, like a responsible mom. (:

    JR - I feel we are SO connected. Chances are, I was probably busting one open at the same time, so a belated cheers to you!

    Julie - I think you did tell me that. Sadly, a lot of my migraines come when Joe is at the firehouse. Coincidence? Or does that speak highly of our...uh...private life? Hmmmm....

    Mama - Thank you! I'd send him to Vegas if I could!

    Robyn - This is sounding familiar. So you ARE the only person who loves me and remembers I am addicted to Excedrin Migraine. Thank, Robyn. Please forgive the dementia.

    Ali - I've got a few of those, too. Yours are adorable, ice cream or no.

    Andrea - I'm hoping it's a gateway drug to Extra Strength Xanax. What are the odds?

    Tina - glad you're liking the cider! They used to give SHOTS? Like BOTOX? Now that would be perfect! What about a migraine/botox shot? I think I already drink enough Caffeine to kill most people, but perhaps a little more wouldn't be so bad?

    Skwishee - Ah, yes. Liquor and sex. Sounds like the perfect summer to me!

  11. So, do you really think the name brand worked better? Because I've been buying the generic for a while now. NOTHING touches the daily headaches I have, but now I wonder if maybe the name brand would have.
    Which doesn't matter, I guess, since they've been recalled.
    @Julie- I like your cure. Doesn't seem to get rid of my headaches, but it does take my mind off it for a while.

  12. I have never taken Excedrin in my life and rarely if ever get headaches. Maybe once or twice, but they were bad enough to stop me in my tracks so you truly have my empathy.

    Hope you can find a good replacement!

  13. I'm like you, yet again. Miraculously, I stocked up in December, by the grace of God. Let me know if you need a hook-up. I go NOWHERE without my green-and-white gel-covered miracles.

  14. Hahaayou are so fabUlously funny.

  15. Jewels - I think they will be on the market eventually, so I'd definitely give 'em a whirl!

    Crack - Thanks! I'm also up to giving the "alternative" treatments a try as well!

    Jennifer - THANK YOU! But per today's new blog, my "dealer" just came through!

    Carrie Lynne - Thank you!!