Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's not every day my Nana gets to hang out with three generations of her progeny:

From left: My grandmother, her daughter (my Aunt Marianne), Aunt Marianne's granddaughter Della, and my cousin Annie

I look at this picture with great pride and a twinge of envy.  I did not have my first child until I was 30.  My sons are Irish.  There is an infinitely high possibility that they will be living at home until they are 50. 

I'll be lucky if one of them buys a dog before I perish.

So I will continue to look at this photo and try to think positive thoughts. 

And pray that I look as good at 92.


  1. That is really very cool! I am really lucky that one of my grandfather's is still around and kicking! I love when he gets to come visit (at the age of 90) and that my kids get to meet him! ;)

  2. Very cool. My son will never reproduce (so he tells me) and my daughter is moving to New York City, where she will either (a) be raped and left for dead, or (b) run off with an Eye-talian from Jersey.
    Where's my vodka?

  3. I was 35 when I had my daughter (a week or so before I turned 36). I know how you feel!

  4. Goldfish? Hamsters?

    We just updated our 4 generation pic at my gram's 90th bday. I love the one you posted here as they all look so happy!

  5. Love this!!! Lucky grandma!!!


  6. how sweet!! What a great picture of them!! I'm with you; I'll be lucky if I'm a grandma yet alone great-grandmother (but I'm definitely not ready to be one now because he's not ready to be a dad!)

    my sister-in-law had two times five generations (does that make sense?) When she was born there were five generations and then when she had her daughter, there were five generations (all women). She definitely had pictures taken.

    We'll just have three generations here when/if he gets married and has kids.

    Very nice picture!


  7. Shel - that is such a gift to your children!

    Kirby - You are hilarious. I always wanted to run off with an Eye-talian from Jersey who DRANK vodka!

    itsadomelife - Ah - isn't it fun being listed as "Advanced Maternal Age" on all thos medical documents? Good times, good times.

    Andrea - Please post! I'd love to see that!

    MOV - You have no idea!

    Betty - thank you and I would love to see those pics, too! I'm kind of a generational picture junkie. That, and Nutella.

  8. Hehe, 'I'll be lucky if one of them buys a dog before I perish.'
    Yours have a ways to go Marianne - they're young, there's still hope.
    I didn't have my first 'till thirty either and he's still home at 23!
    Is that the Irish? because the Irish is strong in my family.

  9. Julie - you've hear the rumors about Jesus being Irish, right? Yup, they live at home forever!

    Carrie Lynne - Thank you!

  10. The day I had Isabelle we took a picture of me, her, my mom, and my Nana. We never would have guessed that a year later my mom would pass away. The picture is definitely one to cherish forever!