Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Regular Contributor

I am a regular contributor to the Girl Scouts of America (via my affinity for Thin Mints).

I am also a regular contributor to noise pollution.  It usually comes in the form of:

If I hear one more complaint or word of bickering, I am sending you all to live in an ORPHANAGE!!!

I am a regular contributor to the bus stop discussions on local politics, the Chicago Public School system, and where to get the best local burgers (Top Notch).

But I have never been a regular contributor to a magazine. 

Until now:

I firmly believe that this latest article, coupled with the one from February (click here), makes me a "regular."

That's what I'll be telling the bus stop moms anyway.


  1. Nice! I'd say you are a regular for sure now.

  2. good for you! It looks like a great magazine to be a contributor for!!!


  3. Well, Marianne, they've asked you more than once. I think that clinches it. Good for you! :)

  4. I'd love to be a contributer to a magazine! Rock on!

  5. itsadomelife - Thanks!

    That corgi - I LOVE Chicago Parent, I've been reading it since before I even had kids (read: I'm a loser)

    Skwishee - Thanks you...I totally think it counts, too.

    Dollops - thank you!

    Catherine - keep sending stuff in! Your writing is funny (if not slightly inappropriate which I enjoy immensely).

  6. Good for you Marianne! Congrats and well deserved! I have loved your writing since I first made your Christmas card list and hope to make the cut this year... ;)