Wednesday, July 31, 2013

YouTube, the Kids & Me

Click HERE for today's Chicago Parent story on how I am the biggest hypocrite in the whole wide world.

It happens.

Marianne to kids: "Work on never embarrassing yourself in public."  Ooops. (photo credit: Sabrina Persico)


  1. It is really no surprise to kids that their parents have weaknesses, seem inconsistent. However, I do hope that your sons don't get bullied by others saying things like: "Your mother said the p. word in public--on YouTube!!!" They need a great comeback before school starts, like "my mom is the funniest mom around!"

    1. Oh how about..."My mom INVENTED the word 'penis'?" That'd be funny, and it's ALL about the funny, no? :)

  2. The video is awesome, and if you don't embarrass the hell out of your kids, you're doing something wrong...