Tuesday, June 25, 2013

History of a Blackhawks' Championship

It all started with a do-or-die game five, with the Blackhawks down 3 games to 1 against Detroit.  Because big brother Daniel went to Great America last year, Jack had been promised a Blackhawks game this season.  So it was a do-or-die moment for fulfilling that promise, too.  When tickets became available through a nephew, Jack finally got to go to a Blackhawks' game.  And the rest is history:

Game 5 vs. Detroit

Hawks win!
Jack uses his rally rag to keep things going...

...and sleeps under a Blackhawks sign (as well a map of the United States and poster of treble clef notes because I'm such a Tiger Mom). 

There was a good luck net.

And a good luck puck.

And even a good luck jersey.

The key?  Jack needed to be AWAKE for victory.  Blackhawks lost this one.

I got home from an outing to find Joe had put Jack to bed with the Hawks in OVERTIME.  School be damned, I woke the kid up & bada-bam.  Hawks win.

And in case you missed it:

Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!  And thank you Jack for always being such a good sport! 
I promise you can take a nap today.  
Before the Sox game.


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    1. Sorry. I had to convert in order to marry. :(

  2. Replies
    1. I'm STILL on a hockey high, Kari!!

  3. Such dedication! I got this Sabres house rooting for your team. I did leave the room last night when Boston pulled ahead because i was afraid I was jinxing things by not having my attention 5 other places while claiming to watch, and we all saw what happened shortly after I left. 9I did run to the kitchen to find out what all of the yelling was about, but did not linger. I marched right back up those stairs.) I certainly hope the cup visits you and sits in the lucky chair with the lucky kid!

    1. Thank you for rallying Team Andrea & Family! I think it worked. And I'll be waiting for Lord Stanley all this week.

  4. I am not even remotely a sports fan, but this is freaking spectacular. And since I live in Illinois...even more spectacular...

    1. Thanks, LittleMyoo! It's fun to get behind a Championship! Maybe we can "turn" you?