Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

This should be pretty self-explanatory:

Now combine several pina coladas with a trip to the beach, Lego-Land, a Sox game, and our awesome family visiting from Texas, and I knew you'd understand, loyal reader.

But never fear.  Those tasty coconut concoctions have provided a wealth of literary inspiration that will be appearing shortly. 

And when I say "literary inspiration," I mean stuff that I think is really funny after several super-sized pina coladas.


  1. Bring it, girlfriend!
    We'll be waiting.
    Enjoy yourself!

  2. Are you kidding? Everything's funny after piña coladas!

  3. Sounds like you are having a great summer and enjoying time with family! Blogs are always here I say; go out and have fun and let us know about it when you can!


  4. Oh I understand!! Will grab a beverage and wait for you!

  5. Sooooo weird. I am a margarita gal (if I'm doin the mixed drink hard stuff)otherwise I drink Pear or Apple Cider if I'm in a bottle sipping mood.

    But........My sis in law came to visit, and got me on a Malibu Coconut Rum with Sprite kick. Then my daughters asked me to buy some Pina Colada mix to make Virgin Colada's one night, and WAM!!!!! I decided to mix some Rum in mine to de-virginize it. I am now on a tiny bit of a Pina Colada KICK now!!!!!
    Then I read that you were at the BEACH and LEGOLAND both minutes from me, and I was a bit sad. Could I have had the chance to have met you for a Pina Colada?? Please tell me you were at the one in Florida (which I immediately googled to make sure California wasn't the only one)

    Can't wait for your Pina Colada Posts!

  6. Holy smokes, I read Sox game as Sex game, and was a little concerned. Looking forward to reading!

  7. Your talking to the chick who has been drinking peach sangria like kool aid.

  8. Tina - thank you!

    esbboston - right back atchya.

    Kellie - totally peed myself from the giggles.

    Betty - I knew you'd understand.

    Andrea - Hope it has good stuff in it!

    JR - Sorry - I did this all in Chicago-area, but I'm glad you have re-discovered the glory that is a pina colada!

    Kelly - Well, I wasn't going to tell anyone....

    Mrs. Tuna - Sangria! How have I forgotten about sangria!! On it.

  9. For a split second I thought the glass and straw was a bong. Sorry. I swear I don't really even know what a bong looks like. I can only assume.