Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Mom By Any Other Name

On Day One of mothering, while still in the hospital, I decided what I wanted to be called.

Yet would my kids cooperate?

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Daniel: Aged 26 hours.


  1. Love. LOVE. Joey and Kee would be the very best of friends.

  2. So sweet picture! LOL with how your 4 y/o calls you by your given name so to speak. I'm sure it makes a few people look when you are out and about in public! I'm sure not too if I would like to be called Mama; we went the mommy to mom route here :)


  3. First of all, congratulations on being funnier than Mickey Mouse! That is quite a compliment.

    My daughter calls me "Mama" too and I never wanted to be called that. I don't know why, but I've never liked the way it sounds. I feel like I am in an episode of "Little House On The Prairie" and I also can't stand the word "supper" and I have no idea why.

    Your son sounds so funny and cute. I am sure he drives you crazy. I love his baby picture!

  4. Trust me, when he's 15 you'll pray to be called Mama instead of other names he's uttering under his breath. Beyond precious. Enjoy every moment.

  5. My daughter will be marrying soon and they are planning on having kids within the first 2 years. I am carefully crafting a grandma name. If I'm not careful, I will be Meemah.