Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 24: The Contest - Wave Hoop

Week 24 of THE CONTEST brings me to my latest obsession:  HOOPING. 


Dear Wave Hoop -

As a 41 year-old stay-at-home mom, I thought my window for reinventing myself was long-since closed. Then I discovered your Wave Hoop. Like many moms of a certain age, most cheap little plastic hoops just don’t pass muster against the proud child-bearing hips of the middle-aged woman. As a former hooper, I was convinced I would never experience hooping joy again.

Your Wave Hoop changed all that. The hoop is substantial enough to maintain its old flight pattern around my hips. I was transported back in time to carefree hooping days of lore. The water inside? GENIUS. I have shed two inches from my waist. And I realize now that it is never too late to reinvent oneself.

My name is Marianne. And I hoop.


Marianne Walsh


Andrea might have me beat this week as to date, nada.

It really doesn't matter.

All the happy hooping endorphins keep me content with my current 68 points.


  1. Oh there's a whole new contest brewing now hoopster!!!!!

  2. Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas. Maybe they are sending you the 2015 upgraded hoop?

  3. My mom is this tiny little wisp of a 76-year-old thang and you should see her hoop! I don't think she could manage the heavy ones, but she's a master with the cheap plastic ones. Perhaps I should invest in your Wave. I've been on steroids for what seems like forever. If I swing this thing around my face, perhaps it will get rid of the "moon effect." Hmmm.....