Friday, August 29, 2014

The Contest: Week 13 - Post Its

For Week 13 of The Contest, I had a hard time remembering who I wrote.

I should have put it on a Post-It.

Oh, wait.

Dear Post-It,

I am not a tech-savvy mom.  I do not program appointments into a fancy iPhone.  I do not receive email alerts regarding my subscription refills.  I am not even able to turn off my clock radio in the morning without waking up the entire family.

Even worse than being electronically challenged is having no memory.   I once considered giving all my children the exact same name so I’d remember which ones were mine at school pick-up.

Sadly, there is not an arsenal of tools readily available for a forgetful mom on the go.  And even if there was, I probably would have forgotten that information by now. 

But thank goodness for Post-Its. 

Bright, beautiful Post-Its. 

Post-Its do not require programming, batteries, or charging.  They stick elegantly to my refrigerator - reminding me when the next parent-teacher conference is every time I reach for a gallon of milk.  And because of Post-Its, I never run out of milk. 

Post-Its are my best friend.

My kids love them as well.  Unlike regular pieces of notebook paper or notepads, many Post-It notes come perfectly square.  While you may not think this is such a big deal, when you have kids who love origami, having ready-made perfect squares saves a lot of time in crafting a super-fleet of mini- Roman ships.

In a digital environment determined to rid the world of pen and paper, I stand in solid opposition.  The beauty, elegance, and simplicity of a hand-written note secretly planted in a school or work lunch is what love is all about

A real smiley face. 

Doodled hearts. 

A simple “I love you.

This is all done in a mother’s easily recognizable handwriting, a style that will be remembered and cherished no matter how many years have passed or how old that child becomes.

No, I do not want to live in a world without Post-Its. 

So never forget that.

But if you think you may, I can write a reminder on a Post-It for you.


Marianne Walsh


So did Post-It answer?  As of today's posting, no.  This keeps my point total at 37.  But never fear, I never stay down long. 

*maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh*

To check out the competition, visit Andrea HERE!


  1. I remember a time, years ago before cell phones, when a friend of mine had stopped by my house when i wasn't home and covered the front door and porch railings with sweet little yellow post-it squares questioning my whereabouts, commenting on passing cars, noting the times and wondering when I'd return. Ah...the joy of paper! I love that memory.

  2. I have stolen Post-It notes from every place I have worked. I have a grand collection of post-it notes. When you mentioned not programming appointment into your phone, I realized that my phone is still in the bedroom, where we slept together last night, me in the bed and phone on the bedside table. I didn't even think of bringing him out into the light of day with me. Love 'em and leave 'em. That's what I say. I don't care where the phone is, but I'll never run out of post-it notes. And I hate it when people call them "stickies" or "sticky notes." That is not their name.


  3. If I don't have it on a Post It, it never happened.

  4. Hahaha...Janie the thief. Who knew?

    I am guilty as well...but we only have the boring yellow ones. They need to send you a supply!!