Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Short in the Tooth

I wrote about how rough and tumble boys can be HERE and then this happened:

Kid cracked his tooth off (again) by WALKING into another kid.
Based on the laws of irony and serendipity, I shall most definitely write about winning the lottery tomorrow.

But if that doesn't work out, anyone know a good dental school?


  1. And it keeps happening to my 26 year old announced that he had knocked his out again. Boys!

  2. It is part of the hockey playing resume prerequisites . He is filling in the resume blanks. No front teeth. Poor Marianneeeeee. Should have considered marrying a dentist but who knew.

  3. Walked into another kid? That's some tough kid. I chipped my front tooth on a carnival ride when I was a kid. Then my kid got his front tooth chipped by my other kid hitting him in the face with a golf ball he'd swung at. Of course, the piece de resistance was when he was playing capture the flag a couple years ago and knocked 2 of his teeth out entirely. Now that I've typed all this, I have the feeling I already told you this story....