Friday, June 6, 2014

The Contest: Week One - Fubbles Bubbles

Lest you forget, loyal reader, every Friday I will be posting one of the letters I wrote in my high stakes competition against Andrea to prove that God loves funny people the most.  Weekly scores will also be computed, and if you have no idea what the hell is going on, visit the full explanation by clicking HERE.

Company calls or sends letter = 1 point
Company sends coupon = 2 points
Company sends voucher or product = 5 points

Without further ado, here is my inaugural effort:

Dear Fubbles Bubbles,

I have loved bubbles ever since I first watched Glinda arrive over the rainbow and dab-smack in the middle of Munchkin Village.  I coveted Willy Wonka’s Bubble Room with biblical impurity.   Don Ho may have been singing to me when he crooned Tiny Bubbles.

But then I had kids. 

Kids ruin everything. My precious bubbles?  The kids drank them.  They stomped and popped them. They lost the wands, misplaced the caps, but worst of all?

They spilled them.

They spilled my bubbles.

These soapy little spheroids of happiness were treated like dirt until I discovered that most wondrous of products: your Fubbles Bubbles. 

I just wanted to let you know that peace, love, and unicorns have been restored to the universe because of Fubbles.

So thank you.

Thank you so much.

Now off to blow more bubbles!

Marianne Walsh


So did Fubbles Bubbles respond?

Or did they ignore me as they would any wackadoodle escapee?


I think Fubbles Bubbles may be my favorite company ever.  Not only did they write back to say how much they enjoyed my letter, they sent this:

Now before the poor company goes bankrupt from everyone writing to say how much they love Fubbles Bubbles (as most moms do), I would suggest you find your own happy place, your own favorite company.  And write them.

But Fubbles Bubbles?

They are all mine.

Marianne's First Week Score = 5 points


  1. Tiny the wine (hiccup) makes me feel happy (hiccup)...oops a little early for the bubbly, just drowning my sorrows this week!

  2. Good lord! I hope you love bubbles as much as you say you do! And good on Fubbles for their sense of humour. :)

  3. I follow Andrea (and now you) and after reading her letter to Hanes had to pop over. What is the fun of reading only one person's contest letters?

    Wow. Fubbles sent you the party pack of bubbles. SCORE! Congratulations on reaching out and touching their funny bone.

    This is a great series!

    1. Thank you & welcome to the orange blog! :)

  4. I have never heard of Fubbles Bubbles and I won't be writing to them until I have a grandchild -- which may never happen. I like the Hanes Underwear letter just as much as this one. I think Andrea should be awarded some honorary undies.


    1. She should! Don't count Andrea out early - she's got some tricks up her sleeve!

  5. My child is well beyond bubbles, but my dogs find them a hoot!

  6. 5 POINTS!!!!! SCORE!!! You're off to a roaring start. Excellent letter. Off to visit Andrea's now...


    1. I'm BRINGING IT, Andi! Say hi to Andrea for me! :)

  7. Awesome! Do you think I would get the same result if I sent such a letter to KitchenAid?