Friday, June 27, 2014

The Contest - Week 4: Shurtape (AKA Duck Tape)

This week's episode of "The Contest" features my letter to Shurtape (aka "The Duck Tape People").  Although my husband has many talents, he is not exactly MacGyver.  In our daily lives, we rely on duck tape for pretty much everything.  A letter of appreciation was definitely in order.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I just wanted to thank you.  In a struggling economy where funds are almost as limited as my husband's ability to fix things, your product sure comes in handy:

For the record, all three of my sons vehemently deny being the one responsible for breaking the bed.  All I know is a football was involved.  I am also glad that nobody cracked their head open or I would be writing about an entirely different use for Shurtape.

Kind regards,

Marianne Walsh


Did Shurtape give this blogging fool some love for her random "I love you" letter?  Or did they ignore me as most sane people do?

Shurtape not only sent several boxes of specialty, Chicago-themed tape, but they sent along the serious heavy-duty stuff AND an invite to the big Duck Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio.

There's a DUCK TAPE FESTIVAL, you ask?

Why yes.

Yes there is:

Sadly, I could not sneak away to Ohio this June, but I have brought it up to Joe as a vacation option for next year.  Who doesn't love Duck Tape?  Check out the pictures from the event HERE.  It rather reminded me of the Rose Bowl, but with duck tape.  I thought the float with E.T. was genius.

Anyway, this response brings my current score to 17.  To check out how the competition is doing, visit Andrea today!

Series continued next Friday!



  1. I can only guess it was concern for your children that brought the mother load on this one! Have the boys wrapped the rest of the bed frame with some of that haul?

  2. I would TOTALLY go to Ohio...for anything, actually. I *heart* me some Ohio.

  3. The idea of fixing a kid's head with tape was pure genius. Congratulations on your score. And a duck tape festival? Now that's my kinda fun.


    1. How about it!! I'm rather curious myself!

  4. I saw that picture and busted out laughing. AWESOME!!


  5. Best one yet! We have a book of things you can make with duck tape (My son was a bit obsessed when he was younger). I see duck tape purses in your future.

    1. AWESOME! I'm getting it when we come over to swim! Don't leave it out or it will be GONE BABY GONE.

  6. I think the duck tape usage means your husband is MacGyver. Just cooler and better looking because he is also a fireman.

    P.S. My life is taped together too. maybe one day we'll have "nice" things, right?